Shark APEX Corded Vacuum with Lift-Away

Shark APEX Corded Vacuum with Lift-Away

Worth the purchase. Bought 2, look brand new - cake with brand new accessories. Artic blue is really pretty, mulberry is more mul, than berry (darker than brighter).

Super light weight, both the vacuum and the canister - this was really important to me.

Put together in under a minute.

I have bought several Shark refurbished and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Have lots of furry dogs - works great!


Anything refurbished will not last long. The shark vacuum I bought lasted less than a week.

Just pulled the trigger on the Arctic Blue. Bought a refurbished Dyson from Woot years ago and it was showing its age so recently replaced it with a heavy duty Shark Lift Away vacuum. Planning to only make light use of this one upstairs. Seems like a good deal if it holds up.

We own two older Rocket stick vacs and like them a lot. My question is just how difficult or messy is emptying this APEX vac, especially when it comes to cleaning out the filter?

The Rockets are easy to empty completely and the (foam) filters are easy to replace and wash, but I can’t tell what type of filter(s) the APEX uses, if it is easy to swap out and/or clean, or how much a spare one will cost.

Any info would be appreciated!

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

Y’know what would be nice? Having the pics labeled with the names of the colors. That would be nice.

One picture, showing a dark blue vac, is labeled, “Arctic Blue”, but I would have thought Arctic would be kind of an Ice Blue, more like that turquoise one. Because otherwise, what color name applies to that one? Rosewood, Mulberry, Purple, or None of the Above? I spent way too much time trying to decipher which was which.

That said, the one I think may be Mulberry looks nice enough…

Good call out. We usually do caption the photos.

If it helps, the colors are in the same order as the drop down.


They were labeled last time, but people were mad that it didn’t say corded-can’t please them all

I got Mulberry last time, it is a pleasant color


Thanks TT, that’s helpful. Mulberry is in the cart as we speak.

My current shark refurb lift away vacuum is going on 6 years. I’m about to get one of these because the I accidentally broke the handle on my vacuum and the replacement cost is $50.

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Yeah, I’m sure this will jinx it, but next month will mark 6 years since I got a Rocket Pro refurb from one of the Mediocre companies. Still going strong (but just watch…)

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crowd yelling GIF by South Park



Speaking of bygone refurb purchases, I see that today is the 13th anniversary of my second-ever Woot, a Sansa player. (My first-ever was wine.) Ah, those were the days.

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Excited to get my… vacuum cleaner. Hooray! But it’s… got… cracks. In the dust collection bin. :frowning: anyone else get a damaged unit? Wrote to customer service to see what my options are, I really wanted to love this…

Dang, sorry about that. While you wait for Woot CS, you might reach out to the phone number on the warranty page to see if they can send out a bin? I’m assuming it’s user replaceable.


I’ll try it, thanks! out of curiosity, how did you find that refurb warranty page?

We link warranties at the bottom of the features. You can click on the link in the top post to go to the sale page. :slight_smile:


I love how i have my own username tag…but really really :wink:

Bought this and it seems okay. Lets see how i love it in a year.

Also did research on stick vacuums and felt better getting a corded one over battery.

Got grape color. Seemed decent out of the box

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