Shark Cordless Floor & Carpet Cleaner

i would like to try it

but is it worth above 25?

It’s like a Roomba with no brain, I think.

I am a restaurant manager and we use these on our floors. They do work really well.

Would this work well on a hardwood or tile floor (such as a dorm room)?

I almost bought one of these last year - maybe not this exact model, but I looked at reviews of several Sharks, and they ranged from “awful” for the early ones to “mediocre” for the newer ones - when they didn’t break…

Equivocal reviews on amazon…

Anyone can chime in who’s got one? Is there a point in this when you could vacuum and have the floor be cleaner?

Fist sucker, but I have family that has one and it does work quite well, especially if you have kids or dogs. Quick and easy.

Thanks Woot.

Looks like it may not be real good for deep cleaning/handling a regular vacuum’s job, but more better for light cleaning


Still waiting for a steal on a vacuum that’ll be good enough to replace mine that starts smelling like burnt rubber after five minutes.

I don’t have this model, but my experience with two other Sharks has not been very good.

Maybe this one is different.

$60 on amazon… 3 out of 5 stars:

My fiancée has one. She says she’s been overall unimpressed with it’s pickup on carpet, but she loves it for cleaning the kitchen.

3 stars on Amazon

They clearly don’t appreciate the size of the messes I can make around here…

I own this machine. It is my second one. We have large birds who drop seeds and peanut shells on a tile floor. It is used every day to get the stuff the birds drop all over the floor and the dogs track in the house. The charge keeps for about a week or more. Very handy for a quick carpet sweep too.
Paid a lot more for it. This is a great deal.

Do you expect a floor cleaner to help you with that?

If you have long-haired cats, be prepared to pull out the hair from the roller… all the time.

My experiences with sharks are never good.

Well that sold it for me. Vacuum is great for carpet, but the dinky attachment is a real pain to use on all the tiled floors. At $30 after shipping it’s not that bad a deal at all

mine works great. You have to replace the battery after about a year.