Shark Cordless Floor & Carpet Cleaner

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3.5 stars at Amazon

Ah yes, this. I remember back when this first came out, I asked my mom to buy it so it would make my chores easier.

I like this for the fact that it’s light and that is probably the only thing I liked about it. It picked up bigger pieces of dirt and dust here and there, but it did an incredibly horrid job. Another thing is that if you live in a 2 story house, the battery might not last that long. Don’t get it if you’re living in a 2 story house unless you like doing 1 floor one day and another floor the next.

the part that breaks in the middle will actual break…not so fun then

Not a good deal at all…$30 at and even less with Bing cash.

I got mine a few months ago through Woot. So far so good, I really like it for picking up pet hair and working on my carpets. My primary vacuum is a Shark that unfortunately does not have a beater bar, making something like this necessary. The collapsible handle is handy for getting under tables, chairs, etc. One issue I had is that the battery is HEAVY. A big ol’ Ni-Cd deal that is actually too heavy for the battery door and gravity. A little bit of tape fixed that though. Also, some care is needed when it comes to charging, make sure it is close to dead before recharging it, otherwise the battery will not last long at all.

I can’t remember did Billy Mays sell this one on TV?

We received one of these as a wedding gift. It was horrible. It had no “pick up” power at all, and recharging it was a joke. Your better off with a good broom and spending more than a hundred dollars on a bag-less vacuum cleaner. You’ve been warned.

You don’t like to get this as a wedding gift. You mean you don’t like to clean. Horrible.

With all hardwood and ceramic floors, I thought this sounded like the perfect solution for a quick cleanup of high traffic areas when I don’t have time to vacuum properly. I can’t imagine expecting this to be more than a quick vacuum in the event of a broken glass or a spill from a plant pot - and as a kiss and promise when we have guests on really short notice (live on a lake, it happens a lot).

Unfortunately, it’s not sounding like it’s very durable, even for light use. Darn this economy. In the past I’d have jumped on this and tried it anyway. If it didn’t work I’d have passed it along to someone else. But not now. Have to be certain something like this is worth even $30.

I love this thing… mostly because my children do. They use it about twice a day to clean up their messes. I’d recommended it on that alone. Anything that gets my kids to be responsible for their selves, without a fight, is a win in my book.

Just think of it as a motorized broom and not a replacement of your upright, and you’ll be happy with it.

Completely wore out more than 5 of these babies and still loving it.

I’m glad these finally came back. Lowest price I’ve seen anywhere. I have the plain silver one that I got around 4 years ago. Works great and no problem with charging.Getting 3 - 1 for my mom, 1 for upstairs, and 1 for a spare. Thanks Woot :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get this on or before Friday July 23rd ? Thanks,.

I use this on my hardwood floors and berber carpet and it works great. Don’t expect to vacuum a shag rug with this though…

Worth the $25 I paid for mine.

Beware the VX3. We had the original shark a couple years ago and loved it. It lasted about two years with heavy use and two battery replacements. Then we bought two of these “new and improved” VX-3 models, and they are shoddily-made garbage. The first had the handle break off on day two. Tiny, cheap plastic tabs hold the base to the stick, and when one breaks, the whole unit is rendered useless. It went back to the store. The second one lasted a few months. It developed a bizarre condition that caused it to randomly run slow, or not at all, after a full night’s charge. It went to the dumpster. I am not surprised that they have a mountain of refurbs to dump on Woot. This product is a turd.

These things are the best hands down for picking up bunny poop and straw. Hands down.

That being said, we go through 3 or so of these a year because they are built very poorly. The wife has become adept at frakensteining them together.

In short, if you have specific messes to clean up after regularly like kids, plants, or bunnies, this thing is fantastic.

If you have regular usage, this thing is terrible.

I would purchase THREE (3) of these if I wouldn’t have to throw them away after a couple of years once the rechargeable battery dies. I am sure I could order another rechargeable battery for some outrageous price but if I wasn’t budget minded I wouldn’t be on Woot.

If they used AA, C, or D batteries I could simply use my own rechargeable batteries in the device. This strategy works for my headlamp, camera, flashlight, boom-box, model airplane, etc. All of the items I just mentioned are over 2 years old and I haven’t had to throw them away or pay the price of the item over again for a specialty battery.