Shark Hard Surface Steam Cleaner Woot Info Post
tastes great, less F5-ing -

Shark Hard Surface Steam Cleaner [Refurbished] - $19.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Shark SC618-FS Steam Cleaner

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I purchased one from Woot a while back. I don’t like it. Save your money. It doesn’t clean very well.

With a “nose” like that, how can it not clean?..

Will this clean a whole shark in one filling?

I bought a canister version made by Shark and it broke after 1 use. Terrible product! The one time I used it it di a poor job.I tried to talk to the mfg and got the run-around. Save your time and money.

hard water will not work must be soft or distilled

I bought this thing in a package deal with the shark mop at Sams club. It was about $40 for the set, and was completely useless. Had better luck with a bucket of hot water and one of those giant old fashioned bulky sponges.

But… anyone know if this would work on grout at all?

According to the first review on this Google shopping page, it doesn’t work as well as expected on grout, so I guess it depends on your expectations.

Trying again:

Consumer Guide review

Steam Cleaners review

and reviews on epinions

No, but it will clean the shark’s fillings, if your willing…

DO NOT use regular tap water on a steamer, use distilled water.

As csimmon1 posted above, you can use tap water if it’s soft (i.e. relatively mineral-free).

I am a big fan of steam cleaners. They do a really good job at cutting through household dirt. However, I am not a big fan of Shark Steam Cleaners. Interestingly, I just threw one away this evening. It was the third one I have owned–the previous two broke right away and had been exchanged for new ones.

Shark makes some compelling products. The problem is that they skimp on build quality. I can’t imagine that it could cost too much more to make their products a bit more substantial. Perhaps the executives at Shark keep girlfriends on Yachts on the French Riviera and must skimp on quality in order to keep the girls. Perhaps they are just cheap. Either way, it is advisable to avoid Shark products.

The only “mineral-free” water would actually be distilled water… the following may help clear up the Hard Water vs. Soft Water dilemma…

I bought one at Kohl’s. Brought it back the next day. I had more steam coming out of my ears than I did out of the Shark. Don’t waste your time/money.

What’s the water capacity?

Since it doesn’t seem to clean very well, has anyone tried using it to steam wrinkles from clothes instead?

Bought one a couple months ago from one of the woot sites. I was hoping it would make cleaning easier, but no, it doesn’t. It comes with all kinds of attachments, including one for removing wall paper and one for steaming clothes. It might be useful for that.