Shark Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

This does not produce STEAM. It makes hot water vapor, there is a difference.

SHARK Products are garbage gimmicks.

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Well, it IS Shark Week!

Finally, a Shark Week approved Woot.

you have to use distilled water in this if you have hard water…good to know

So exactly how hot does the “steam” or water vapor get?

Here’s the manual.

Could this be used to degrease an engine?

Ahhh…actually steam is a type of vapor…water vapor.

If you have a de-humidifier, you have an unlimited supply of distilled water…

Yes - fine for the Shark Cleaner, but not suitable for drinking!

Would this work as a milk frother?

got this a month or so ago. NOT great. Steam comes in spurts, not very hot. As far as degreasing and engine, it wouldn’t even degrease my exhaust fan over the stove. Probably great as a portable clothes steamer but that would be about it.

Shark has some excellent products. This is not one of them. Junk.

Steam is an invisible gas. If you think its steam, and you can see it, you are mistaken.

You say Shark,I think REFURB !

Good post!! Never thought of that.