Shark Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

sssssttteeeaammmmmmmmmmm cleaner yay

I sue it in the sower
ok, no more martinis, I use it in the shower, really cleans well,— but burns like heck

Sounds expensive!

Great! I have a hard surface that needs cleaning!

I got this one last time. Works very well! Used it just yesterday… Works great to clean smaller area…

This item confuses me.

Nice Uwe Boll reference, although the actual idea might just backfire…

I wodner if this thing kills crabs?

I had one of these for a week- and HATED it! I returned it right away. It’s okay for cleaning really small spaces, but if you had a big job it would take HOURS! It takes waaayyyy too long to get any real work done with this thing.

Here’s a review I found on Amazon…

Don’t expect miracles from this little thing, It’s not going to clean any better than soap and water. Somewhat useful for tight corners small spaces, or items that you can’t get wet (although an old toothbrush with a light misting of rubbing alcohol works better). The steam runs out at about 20 minutes of use, and refilling is a dangerous chore when its hot. The only attachment that seemed to work at all was the smallest nozzle. There may be a few circumstances when it might come in handy, I just haven’t found any yet.

RATS! Missed the fans!

It’s the Mud Shark home enema kit. Refreshing!

does it get rid of mildew in the shower?

can you steam wrinkles out of clothes with it?

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Hmmm, it doesn’t have good reviews at all.

I have one of these. It’s worth about $12. Drips all over the place but does heat up as advertised and the steam is nice and dangerous.

But it was useful for scrubbing a basement before putting a house on the market. I think we also used it on grout in the bathroom.

Does it work on wood? Seriously - I’d like to use it for my cabinets…

I have this. It works well on most surfaces but it can get so hot it peels up painted surfaces.