Shark ION Robot Vac with Hand Vac

Shark ION Robot Vac with Hand Vac

Do the math … if there are 10 reviews how can these percentages be right?

Is this the same vac system offered last month? Model RV851WV Ion? Only some will work on black carpet.

I’d like to know too. Happy with the one I bought last time.

I have one - highly recommend
Best hand vac I’ve used- compact yet powerful - v easy to clean with button press and drop into trash. Robovac worlds great too - scheduled to clean at 2am and monitored thru phone. I named my Shark “Jaws” and it’s WiFi connected. I get notifications as it gets stuck, brushroll or edge issues etc. can manually do rest of vac clean at Max power.

You’d have to ask Amazon. They do the calculations. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Maybe they weight the reviews on the number of reviews the reviewer left, or the status/quality of his/her reviews or other. The algorithm could be based on a lot of things, not just a basic division.
But yeah, interesting.

What’s even stranger is what you see when you go to the Amazon site after you select the blue or rose options. The review numbers are different for each color. But the review stats show a total of 66% for each! If the 5 score is 33% of the totals, and the 2 score is 33% of the totals, then what is the score for the remaining 34% of the reviews?