Shark ION Robot Vacuum w/ Wi-Fi Control

Shark ION Robot Vacuum w/ Wi-Fi Control

The reviews on the refurbished units is dismal. I wish this site didn’t beixome the dumping ground for the $1 electronics. It used to be hip and fun to look around.


Kinda lame that the extended warranty from SquareTrade requires flash to purchase. Is that still a thing having to download a plug-in to do something? Pretty square if you ask me. :black_square_button:

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My shark ION is still running strong. I grabbed one from here a while ago. I had to make a minor repair as the right wheel’s gear slipped out of position. I had to open Sharkie and do some surgery. Everything’s working well again!

Pro’s - Quiet, good suction, pretty fast
con’s - doesn’t map the room and just randomly bounces around.

Overall - very happy

Sounds like the perfect addition to the rest of my family.


I purchased one of these from WOOT a month ago. Lasted 2 weeks before the right wheel broke. Apparently a known area prone to breaking. Returned without hassle.

So how does this compare to the original Roombas. I’m weighing getting this vs just buying a replacement battery for my old unit.

For whatever it’s worth, I picked up 2 of these back in February. Both are still going strong. I have to clean the rollers pretty much every other day, but that’s less the fault of the vacuum and more the fact that I have 3 cats. I also have hardwood floors, so the vacuum has a pretty smooth ride with not much stress on the wheels.

I have lots of animals and hair. How do these do with that? anyone?

No sense in buying it twice if you can spare it. Just get a battery.

It does ok. You’d probably need to remove hair from the roller brush a couple times a week if you run it daily. But cleaning the roller is super easy (no tools required). Best practice if you get one of these is to go over the area with a normal vacuum cleaner in the beginning to get any large build-ups, then set the robot to do a daily cleaning. That will then typically be often enough to keep fur from building up to the point that it would bog down the robot. In my experience with 3 cats, anyway (1 of them is a ragdoll that sheds the equivalent of a whole cat every couple of days).

Mine lasted less than 2 months. One axle broke and some plastic parts snapped. It looked like a turtle with a broken leg. Woot was great about letting me return it with prepaid return shipping and a full refund.

This unit works just like my old Roombas, maybe a little smarter in navigation and avoiding getting stuck in weird spots. The WiFi connection and remote monitoring are the only upgrades.

Just purchased this unit. Unbiased and clear cut review. (Have owned roombas and other sharks in the past)

Use - 2/5
Unit doesn’t seem to work with google home at the moment. Still doing research and troubleshooting to correct this. As well unit is extremely loud. More then almost every other robot I own. Not happy about it’s loudness. Spot , Clean , and dock functions seem to work as normal.

Set up- 5/5
Out of the box it’s pretty straight forward and easy! All brushes and bristles look and feel new as soft parts should with these type of remanufactured units. All parts were present and in good shape. Unit started up with 80% charge. Took a few times to get it to connect to the WiFi and app but overall

Overall 3/5 if we do star ratings only due to the extreme noise. Will do another review in 2 weeks after some use

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