Shark ION Robot Vacuum w/ Wi-Fi Control

Shark ION Robot Vacuum w/ Wi-Fi Control

Did not get a great review from Wired.

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Picked this up on a previous Woot. Has been working great for me on hardwood & laminate floors with 3 cats. Shark’s Android app is very clunky, but you really only need to use it to get the vacuum set up and scheduled. I integrated mine with Google Assistant, so when I do need to manually start/stop a cleaning run, I just use voice commands. I empty the collection bin daily, and I need to clean the brush/filter weekly. All tasks are super easy to do. These units really do need 2-3 feet of empty space on either side of the dock, though, or they can take a long time to find their way home.


Also bought one on a earlier run on Woot. Worked fine in the ratty little apartment I had while separated from my family for a year (small place, very thin industrial carpet and cheep vinyl tile). Doesn’t handle the nice carpet upstairs in the house we have now (clogs on the loose fiber), nor does it handle the large downstairs even though it is all hardwood (the bin fills up completely and it runs out of juice).

Never used the app, but just pushed the button on the way out the door. It only got stuck once.

Here’s the problem with most robotic vacuums - they clean well enough if you don’t have a lot of junk on the floors, but the brushes quickly clog with hair. This requires a lot of manual work to keep them cleaning efficiently. Too much work. So much work that you’ll set them aside, let the batteries decay, and return to your Dyson or Oreck upright corded vacuum.

Robotic lawnmowers are much much better. They mulch the grass, so you don’t need to empty them. They can operate on a schedule, then return to their charging base when their batteries get low or when they detect rain. Overall, a vastly superior concept than the robotic vacuum (even the self-emptying Roomba).

Woot, sell us some Friendly Robotics Robomows!

I work in IT with the occasional dabbling in network security. Over the years I have developed a healthy paranoia of most technology. I avoid social media. I do not own a single “smart” device. I even keep a shotgun nearby in case the printer starts making weird noises.

I told this to a coworker in the break room one day. I laughed. He laughed. The toaster laughed.

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