Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Vac

Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean Cordless Vac

Picked one of these up last time they were this price. Mine was packed in a factory brown box and looked brand new. I’m very impressed with how much it can pick up and the suction power even on normal speed.
It can pick up large chunks of bird food and debris my parrot drops on his vinyl floor area and does a great job grooming and cleaning the carpet. It runs probably over 20 minutes per battery at least and when they run out it just flashes then shuts off.
If you’ve been wanting one of these this is a great deal, especially if you have prime.:+1:


Groupon has it for $100

Does the Groupon come with two batteries also?

You should know by now. When someone says “X has it for cheaper” it’s NEVER the same deal.

The Groupon deal is a single battery.

It does have the “Pet multi-tool” so I guess pick which one you value more

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How much does this Shark weigh?

8.7 lbs without accessories

I’m in for one , I have been researching these, I had a Dyson V6 for a few years and gave it away after I got the Dyson V10 , we never had a problem with the V6 but the V10 arggggg, it is the most powerful vacuum I have tried but battery is where the problem is with the V10, we only use these on max, then the v10 would stop working after 10 minutes, we wanted it to do the hole house that it never did, as presentations stated 1 hour battery life, and they always used it on max during the presentation, so I called Dyson and all Dyson have 2 year warranty’s as far as I think, we’ll guess what the batteries have no warranty at all , but Dyson made an exception and shipped me one , came in and guess what that did not fix the problem , the V10 still shut down after now 3-10 minutes, let it sit and it started working again , so we watched videos on Dyson t clean filters they say let dry for 24 hours and that did not fix, called Dyson back now they said my V10 has water damage due to not letting the filter dry for 48 hours , I stated there own videos state 24 hours and they said those are for older models , I said like wow buy they are sending me a replacement for free and free ship back.

Now I looked up other cordless vacuums (amazon etc…) and this is a great buy as it comes with 2 batteries and the new battery cost alone $80+ , we are going to use this as a secondary , we purchase a corded shark rocket (returned) but the cord is a pain in the rump, so glad to see this in my email

We can not return the Dyson now but we do have 2 batteries for it now but need a screwdriver to change so that’s not going to work, maybe this will be the main vacuum, we’ll see when this comes in.
All my other Dyson products have never malfunctioned as a note. (Fans, hair dryer, and given away V6 is still working)

What does factory reconditioned mean?

I have purchased many many reconditioned, refurbished , remanufactored , whatever they call it , it means it was repaired and made like new, I even purchased an iPad , it came in like new and all my stuff I purchase like this is still working and I either sold or gave away or still using. I think it’s better as if the manufacturers had problems, they fix them and sell them this way , we save money, and bugs are gone , not saying some will be lemons like any new item.

Factory reconditioned could mean a minor flaw or it could be just returned by customer and brand new. You pays your money and you takes your chances. I got my Dyson Animal off Amazon and it seemed brand new and has been working for 10 years now.

I bought one last time Woot had this set up and very happy. It works great and having the extra battery always on the charger makes it nice. I can use one battery for my house and even have power left and have the extra battery when I need more. When it finally is dead I just change them out.
I would buy another if the need is there

Mine just arrived and in my case, “remanufactured” means “pretty heavily used, but cleaned and replaceable parts replaced”. Not really complaining, but I could see someone less forgiving than myself being pretty put off at the amount of wear, dents, and deep scratches on the vacuum head. I know that they’re like snowflakes (each one being different) but for me, the discount is worth it, regardless.

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