Shark IQ Robot WiFi Self Cleaning Vacuum

Shark IQ Robot WiFi Self Cleaning Vacuum

Awww, I was hoping “self-cleaning” meant it had a trash bin attached. Oh well…

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Even if it did, it wouldn’t be a “deal”. I have the same unit but with the bin (which you can buy anyway).

Shark has a LONG LONG LONG way to go with its mapping. Mine ran over 30 times and could never get a good map of my home. I had to help it find its way back to the charging station more than I care to admit. The ONLY nice thing was, it was a bagless system. I ended up banishing it to my upstairs catwalk and leaving the bedroom doors open to the rooms I want it to sweep. Otherwise, it only does a small area twice a week (carpet). My maps were so jacked up, I never really got to use the “just vac this room” function.

So, I ended up with a DeeBot 8N + pro or something like that. This would be my 2nd Deebot (the other is in the basement, runs once a week but requires emptying. The 8 pro, also mops. Let it run once, the map was perfect. Set up bounders (which you need mag tap for the Shark (and is old school, that stuff came with my neato of 2009). Very happy with my deebots. Not so much with the shark (app could use some fixing too but par for the course).