Shark IQ Robot with Self-Empty Base (Open Box)

Shark IQ Robot with Self-Empty Base (Open Box)

Can you purchase an extended warranty for this item?

I purchased one of these a few weeks ago. The brushroll was cracked, but the unit still worked. I tried getting the brushroll replaced from WOOT and the company that provides a 90 day warranty for this item. No luck with either. WOOT offered to refund my money, but I’m not looking for a refund, just this customer replaceable, consumable part. I understand WOOT not being able to provide the part, but the warranty company is not honoring the warranty and I even sent them a picture of the cracked brushroll. The cracked brushroll has gotten worse and I’m pretty sure the unit will not be working much longer. Beware.

Does this unit work well in a small house or room with a lot of furniture?

Why did “with self empty base - open box” make me giggle?

Open box- items may be missing? What items? Trash bin? Mat? Really be nice to know.