Shark IQ Robot with Self-Empty Base

Shark IQ Robot with Self-Empty Base

Not gonna lie, this looks like a toilet.


Can you map places to NOT clean?

I have one of these. It does great at keeping up with the dog hair. It is also the only robot that will work with my geometric patterned rugs.

Not going to say lazy, but extremely unmotivated, I am going to say that. Unless you are physically challenged you have the ability and time to empty the robot. Yikes!

If I didn’t have fringe carpet and dogs that leave “remnants” of their dog toys everywhere, I’d probably do this one.

Yes. You can block the areas you don’t want it to go when it makes the initial map, and from then on it will go where it has mapped. Also, you can map the whole area, then name the rooms, and in the future tell it what to vacuum. We mapped our downstairs and can now tell it to just do the kitchen, or whatever, and it knows where to go. Great helper for keeping the floors clean. The app can be glitchy and you might have to re-map sometimes, but it picks up a lot in between regular vacuuming so I recommend it. Great for picking up fur. Not too loud either.

$300 for a stupid vaccuum cleaner?
beautiful !!

I own one of these and honestly just get a cheap one. Even if they made these robots super optimal, the utility of improved design is lost on impracticality. You’re going to have to clean it regularly anyways so the the self cleaning feature is just a novelty until you realize how dysfunctional it is. The app is useless, the timings don’t go when they’re supposed to (running on a pretty minimalized galaxy s9), you can’t control it manually until you pick it up and move it, it gets stuck in random places (on literally nothing, just cuts out), it doesn’t map your house, it remaps it every time it runs and thinks you’ve shifted the house upside down if you so much as leave a box on the floor in its precious little paths.

Seriously 0/10 mine is currently sitting on its side by my desk (because after 8 months of working, it just stopped and won’t start again). I have two Ecovac deebots (that both cost less than this garbage) that have been going daily for 2+ years. And if they break, they’re easy to work on and cheap to replace. Just stick to basics on robovacs.

Compared to Euphy these Sharks are… Shart…

Now tell me that that self-empty base vents outside into a trash can that get’s emptied by the garage man every week…and you gotta deal!

Bought TWO, RETURNED TWO! Why? Incredibly CLACKY. LOUD!
Good thing I had the Amazon return policy.

Check reviews before purchase. The maker’s support was offering to exchange the unit which means I would have lost my return privileges.

The last time I looked at the Amazon page for reviews the Social Media team was hard at work trying to tamp down the complaints. I feel this is a fine example of something that never should have made it to the market. It’s that bad!

I misread this as “shark with empty base” and I was offended that I dwould t get one full or dirt from Woot HQ. like a BoC of dog hair and bread crumbs.

Since this is refurbished, is there any manufactures warranty on it?

Shark warranties it through the refurbishing company:

Warranty: 90-Day Limited Warranty

Does it function in black maple wood? and black carpet as well?