Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop



OK reviews (2.9 out of 5.0) over at Amazon


Ooh! I’ve been wanting a Shark! But I don’t have a big enough aquarium so this would do… Anybody have experience with refurbished one?


I got one of these with my vacuum. Before buying, I saw a bunch of commercials, and was skeptical, however it works better than I thought it would (when I actually get around to using it)



5 years ago I bought the first version of the shark steam mop. Having been sucked in by the infomercials, I thought it would be amazing. It ended up being just okay. The construction on the earlier model was flimsy, but if handled carefully I felt my floors were really cleaner and shinier without harsh chemicals. Alas, my shark died after 4 years, and I’ve gone back to using a regular mop.



product page $179.75 new vs. $59.99 refurb


Good Housekeeping review: B


Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

I had been thinking about this as a refurb from before Christmas; however, I ended up buying it new from Walmart (with a gift card). I haven’t actually used it on my floor yet; however, the “lift-out” part has done wonders for cleaning the top of my smoothtop range and the interior of my microwave. (You wouldn’t believe how nasty the inside of the microwave gets after something splatters in there! :frowning: But the hot steam dissolves the gunk right off, without a ton of elbow grease!)


I bought a Shark Steam Mop (not this version) and ended up selling it on Craigslist about two months later. We live in a small apartment and have a very small amount of tile flooring. It takes such a long time for the steam to actually penetrate and wet the cloth pad that it felt like I was just pushing around the dirt. Personally, I would say this is for a larger cleaning area!


I bought one as it was recommended by a neighbour. Both of ours then broke within two months. Construction was worse than flimsy and performance at best average. I now have a Haan which is the biznes. I would never buy another Shark product.


I’ve got one of these and love it, and I am a picky, picky b*tch. . Our apt is about 1100 sq ft total, all tile & hardwood, and I usually only have to refill once when mopping the whole place. I like that the mop head rotates so you have two clean surfaces to work with. I’ve been using mine every week or two for about 18 months now with no issues.


If you want a clean and sanitized floor, get one of these. I use a little vinegar in the tank as well. It keeps the steam jets healthy and is also a decent germ killer in itself.

I use it on the tile tub surround as well. No clean like steam clean!


Glad to hear some people liked it. I bought the refurb and it just poured out water–little steam. I would have done better with a hot wet mop. It also won’t reach corners and walls well. Prefer that kind of steamer personally.


I am interested in this, but I am always left to wonder what one does with the dirty cleaning cloths? Do you put them in your washing machine? It seems like they would be very nasty to be putting in the washing machine. Rinse them out in the sink? This is why I use a swiffer, I like tossing out the dirty wipes. But the swiffer isn’t really up to the job. I want a steam swiffer. :slight_smile:


I bought one of the originals about 4 years ago. It looked flimsy but my OCD and constant need for a clean floor caused me to pull the trigger. I kept the box and the receipt because I was ready on day one for it to break. This is one of those items that just works, I could not be happier. Does it leave your floor bone dry and sanitized: No. It does however clean very well and does give me a sense of security that the steam has cleaned my floor better than a traditional mop and without the use of caustic cleaning chemicals.


I don’t know about this mop, but our shark vacuum cleaner has done us pretty well.


I’m in. Had a Shark recommended to me recently by a professional house cleaner, and I’ve been stalking them on Amazon. New, this model goes for $149 – I know this is a refurb, but I’m willing to spring for one since for the $65 I can really only get maybe a base model Shark or an older model. Time will tell, I suppose.


Sharks are awful. I’ve had 2 and both broke within 1 year. (I am not a heavy mopper.) after the first one broke I sent it back to Shark to repair. I waited about 3 months before they decided they lost it and sent me a new “deluxe” one. That one broke too. I bought a Dirt Devil for half the price of Sharks and love it. It doesn’t hold as much water but I don’t care because I don’t have to push down on it for the steam to come out. (Like I had to do with the Sharks, that really wears you out.)