Shark Navigator Vacuum

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I bought one of these the last time it was on here and I love it!

I’m guessing this is the same model-product website:

Whoa, this deal SUCKS! Get it, the vacuum sucks? Thanks, I’m here all week.

Does anyone know how it performs on hardwood? We recently just got some rugs for the house and now I need a vacuum, but I figured I’d get one that can do both rugs and the hardwood.

I bought this the first time had it. It’s seriously the best vacuum I have ever used. It’s amazing.

It does great on hardwood (you have to use the bare floor setting or it wont work), carpet, rugs, anything.

Owners manual can be found Here

Ditto. It is an awesome awesome vacuum and is easily the best cleaning vacuum I’ve ever had. I love the fact that I can turn off the roller/brush thing and use it on bare floors.

Just a quick note though, on the last WOOT that had these. Like mine, some of them came with a vacuum powered pet hair brush while others didn’t.

Best Buy has these vacuums new in the stores, they are $179.99.

I don’t want to sound unfaithful, but I have one which I ended up getting at Costco. Between the accessories, the extra filter set, not having to buy a square trade warranty and the ability to return it to the store if I hated it, it was a better choice for me.

That being said, I love it very, very much and would consider buying one here and sharing the accessories between the two if I had a bigger house or a second floor. Seeing the dust cup fill up warms my heart. Hearing the whir of the beater when I turn it on over carpet thrills my blood (is that a phrase?). Having a vacuum that actually works is a joy.

Consumer Reports tested this vacuum (saying it had a retail of $200). It only ranked midpack because it only got an average score for carpet cleaning. BUT. This is pretty much the cheapest vacuum that got a high score for quietness. So if you want a relatively quiet vacuum, this is a terrific deal.

Here’s a video on YouTube

Review at Vacuum Wizard

How good is it?

I got one last time - and I am now buying a spare. This thing is AMAZING!

It pulls so much dirt from rugs that it’s actually kind of gross to think that stuff was down in there.

Hardwood floors? Youbetchya - the switch is a 2-position rocker - in position one only the vacuum runs - the beater does not!!

My only gripe: that little exhaust vent on the front - it blows right into the path of the dirt! It’s a flaw I believe they tried to “patch” by putting a piece of fabric behind the grill - but that fabric is a major obstruction.

This thing is good as delivered - but if you remove that little fabric patch on the front and one of the three filter sponges found under the dust collector it gets SUPERCHARGED!!!

Aforementioned Sharktopus:

I promise you, after you use this thing you’ll say “Dyson who?” This vacuum is THE best on the market!

LOVE this vacuum. After years of crap machines, the Navigator was an amazing find. I paid almost 3x this for mine, so snap up this deal while you can!

This really is the best machine ever~am also buying a second one as a spare.

Bought one from Woot back around July and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. If it holds up, it will be one of the best deals I have ever gotten from Woot. Seriously, they go for like a $140-$160 at Target, Costco, and Walmart.