Shark NV500-FS Rotator Vacuum

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I have this vacuum, and it is the best vacuum I have ever used. Great price too!

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Shark NV500-FS Rotator Vacuum
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 24 to Tuesday, Nov 25) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’ve had a Shark Navigator for 4 years and it kicks ass. Amazing how much dirt it picks up. I may get this as an upgrade.

Is this the lift away vacuum?

Tempting. Sitting on the fence as Consumer Reports said this did not do well with pet hair. CNET, somewhat less rigorous testing, said it did fine.

What is the designation “-FS”? I cannot find the NV500-FS anywhere but here (and every other Deal-A-Day site that points to Woot!).

I want to believe that an NV500 is an NV500 independent of the “-FS” suffix, but I have been burned before.

The other NV500 models don’t look quite the same as this one.

I would have to think FS means “Factory Serviced” as they say it’s Factory Reconditioned.

I was wondering as well but am guessing the FS has to do with being Refurbished. Past Woot’s and other sites with Refurbished Shark items have “FS” as well.

Woot, could you ship to Puerto Rico please? We have the United States Postal service. It is time for a good vacuum cleaner at our house.

Truly great vacuum. I’ve owned mine for over a year and it works great!

Crevice tool, and mini power head, but no upholstery brush?

Are these in the same league as Dyson?

We have this Shark, and its the best vacuum we have ever owned. We have traditionally gone for the battle axe Kenmore’s the Consumer Reports rates so highly, but while they are excellent, they are also heavy and cumbersome. This is both versatile (given the canister and various tools)and easy to clean. Its also very light compared to other vacuums we have owned. No vacuum is perfect, but this comes closest for us – I highly recommend it.

i had one of these and imo it sucked with pet hair. it also was not nearly as good as our dyson is. this was a decent vacuum but dont expect dyson suction imo not happening. it barely picked up the dog hair all over i had to go over it many times to get it mostly picked up then i broke out the dyson anyway. we returned it from where we bough it at amazon. also the plastic quality was only so so. we are going to buy a miele and be done with it.

I purchased this from Bed Bad & Beyond for $230 a year ago. It is a great vacuum. Easy to clean, easy to maneuver, and has great sucking power. The tools included are limited, but you can purchase crevice attachments separately that fit. I find myself using the tool with the fine hairs around it in order to clean air conditioning doors (the ones that have air vents). Great buy for $100

Ok, I bit. It’s a little larger than I was hoping for given the tiny closet it must fit into but how can I pass up a chance to try it for 104 shipped?

Can someone answer whether this is a lift away or not. It does not say in product description but reviews are for lift away.

It does say lift away a few times on the main description page. You can also read about it in the manual, which you can download from the list on this page:

We have the NV351 from a previous woot a couple of years ago, which is also a lift away. It is the best vacuum we have ever had. This one appears to be a slightly updated one. In for one.