Shark NV500 Rotator Vacuum 2-Colors

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Shark NV500 Rotator Vacuum 2-Colors
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I have this vacuum, and it is one of the best household investments I have made. I’ve never used a Dyson, but I couldn’t imagine needing anything better than this thing.

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Extensive Review and 4 Stars over at Cnet

Bought one from Woot last December. We have kids, dog and light carpet and I am very picky about vacuums.
Excellent vac! Believe the reviews. The refurb looked brand new and has performed flawlessly.

I bought one of these from Woot a few months back. LOVE it so much. Let me tell you about the workout I give this machine. I have 3 kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and the kicker, 10 parrots! I have lost lesser vacuums to an errant bead or nut from the bird area but the shark takes it all in stride. I love all the ways you can take it apart to get in all the little areas of the house. I kinda feel like a ninja flipping the wand out, popping off the handle, tossing the attachments and hi-ya the house is clean. Well, as clean as it ever gets with a mini zoo in residence.

Love my Shark! Equally as good, if not better, than the over priced Dysons.

If you are in the market, jump on this. You won’t be disappointed.

I bought a refurbished Shark from Woot 4 years ago. It’s still going strong. Absolutely the best vacuum I have ever owned. Works great picking up after 2 kids, 2 large dogs and 2 shedding cats.

I have purchased 2 of these units - both refurbs, and they are the best vacuums we have ever owned. The first unit (the previous model) lasted almost 3 years and the only reason we had to replace it was because someone (me) vacuumed something wet and we could not get the mold smell out of it. The second unit has been going strong for a year, and I’m in for another unit for the upstairs. These second generation units had some improvements over the first generation vacuums as well. I highly recommend this product.

Jump on the shark bandwagon couple years ago. I’ve owned dyson and hoover prior to buying the shark. Shark beats them both in all categories but one…hardwood floors. Even with the bare floor attachment, it’s only a solid “C” grade on hardwoods. The fact it stands out on so many levels, makes it a great buy, but not a complete machine.

Is the head adjustable for thicker knapp carpet? We have a rug from Costco and our current Oreck vacuum (also from Costco) struggles with it but doesn’t adjust so it’s super hard to push… It even broke a belt once.

Two words: GET ONE! (Assuming you need a vacuum cleaner, or a better one). I got one off of Amazon as a daily deal for $10 more ages ago; best purchase I’ve made in – I dunno, forever? I had a friend come help me clean (I’d had surgery) and she said this was as good as or better than her Dyson, and she’s self admittedly OCD. The only minor criticism either of us had is that the hose could be longer (for the wand) but this is a great deal. Mine also was a refurb but looked brand new. Go for it.

I have two cats, and I’m not OCD. I’d had an oreck for the light weight, but it was constantly clogging and belts breaking if I went over something larger than a gum wrapper. This vacuum is amazing.

It self adjusts, and is essentially self-propelled when the brush is turned on (and it doesn’t have to be, which also could help). I don’t have shag but do have one longer napped rug. Works great.

General complaints about the “physical” aspects of the vacuum: it’s a little heavier than average, it will tend to tip over when extending the hose out to it’s farthest length and the cord doesn’t rewind. IMHO, those are minor quips vs performance…which is outstanding on rugs and carpet.

I am looking for a vacuum for my sister who has a back issues and needs something lightweight and easy to push. Would this be a good choice for her?

The question is 16 pounds too much for her to lug around? That’s what the vacuum weights (15.5 pds)

Sure, it’s got great power. Sucks up anything in sight… small rodents, children. On par with my beloved Oreck. however, if you get attachments or disconnect the tube in order to vacuume irregular edges or small areas, you will get whiplash as the hose stretches about one inch beyond its current length.

I also have back issues, which was why I had an Oreck. This one may weigh twice as much as an Oreck, BUT a)for all intents and purposes, it is self-propelled when the brush is turned on for carpet; 2) you can easily turn it into a canister, if preferred, and mine came with a little caddy that rolls, though I have not used it. I would never go back to an Oreck. This compensates for its weight in many ways–including being both a canister and an upright, with all the good things of both. Your sister will thank you.

I raved about the vacuum itself earlier, but let me also rave about the help Shark provides if you have questions. There are a number of Youtube videos on setting up and using this vacuum, and they’re very helpful. However, when I had a question that couldn’t be answered by one of those, I went to the shark website and used live chat, and got a prompt, courteous and correct answer.