Shark NV500 Rotator Vacuum - 2 Colors

Just bought the Shark Rotator from Lowes for $200+. It’s a great vacuum. After our Rainbow died following 15+ years of use, we struggled to find another vacuum that was able to keep up with 4 kids and 2 dogs. The Shark has been doing a great job. The kids even like to use it.

Darn it, I just bought a refurbished NV501 from another site for 170! Would love to get the NV500 for 99!

I w00t!'ed a red Shark NV500 Rotator 'furb about a year ago. Granted I’m not the vacuuming fool that some are, and I don’t have pets, but I’m pretty happy with it.

I sure wish w00t would find it in their hearts to offer some of the accessories that are available for it, particularly the full width bare-floor head.

I got this for this price as a mothership deal of the day a while back. I, and my sore back and muscles, love it–and my cleaning-fool friend who came to help me one day said it was at least as good as her Dyson. Pluses: Relatively light and self-propelled; can convert to canister vac if you want; it sucks! (and very well, too); lots of online videos to help you use it to full potential; easy to clear but rarely necessary (my old Oreck seemed to clog if it ran over a postage stamp…);no bags.
minuses: Hose for attachments is short, but workable; it may fall over when using the hose attachments (small balance issue)… and that’s pretty much it, except that you actually have to USE it. I mean, I have all these cleaning things, but they all need a person involved. Maybe someday… This IS a good deal on a good vacuum. If you need one, go for it.