Shark NV500 Rotator Vacuum 2-Colors

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Shark NV500 Rotator Vacuum 2-Colors
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Walmart Reviews

I have this vacuum, and it is one of the best household investments I have made. I’ve never used a Dyson, but I couldn’t imagine needing anything better than this thing.

I have this vacuum, too. It replaced my Dyson DC-39. I can’t say that I see much of a difference in the suck. Both good vacuums, but I do like the tools better with this vacuum.

This thing is a little heavier than I might prefer if I had stairs, but I don’t. :tongue:

Extensive Review over at Cnet

This is the cheap vacuum you were looking for. I bought from Woot in 2014. It is still running strong. I use it for flat office carpeting and for sucking the crud out of the keyboards. Works beautifully and still doesn’t have vacuum cleaner smell after almost 2 years of use. The fact that it’s bagless and maintenance free saves us a lot of money. I’m very tempted to buy another for our clean room.

I Wooted one of these in 2014, and it does a good job on the carpet, hardwood, tile and vinyl at home. Never used a Dyson, so I can’t compare, but this one is nice and maneuverable (a touch heavy, as noted above, but not too bad), and transforms into a couple or three alternate styles of vacuum.

I’ve whined about it before, but if only Woot would sell a few/bunch of the accessories for this model, I’d probably not whine so much.

The CNET review lists a lot of attachments and a way to transform this into a canister vacuum. Does this sale come with all the attachments?

I bought one last year, and I can tell you this is a very well designed machine! Attachments change easily, and it’s a relatively quiet vacuum. 99 bucks? It’s a no-brainer! :slight_smile:

We bought one of these when our Rainbow vacuum died about a year ago. We had the Rainbow for 20 years. I don’t normally buy stuff “As seen on TV” and was not sure this thing would be a good replacement. But, I did some research and the Shark seemed to be a good product. After a year, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Shark. It’s held up to cleaning up after 4 kids and 2 dogs and does a great job on all surfaces.

I bought this vacuum full price a couple years ago and I love it! It’s light and easy to carry. You can take the bottom off if you want to carry the middle section (like for stairs). It’s easy to take apart to dump and clean out. Best vacuum purchase ever! You can’t go wrong with this!

I have this vacuum also and I highly recommend it. It’s pretty quiet and has much more suction that you would expect. The only issues I have with it, is it can be a little tipsy- but don’t let that deter you. This is a great vacuum. The thing I miss from traditional “old style” vacuums is the bag. It was so much easier (and cleaner) just to change a bag than it is to empty the canister. Ironically I actually use a shop vac to suck out the remanants that don’t empty easily, and also to suck the dirt out of the filter (vs washing it)- it makes things easier.

I bought a similar vacuum from shark but the 552 model. Owned the Dyson Animal prior to this. Let me say that on hardwood floors the Shark cant even come close to performing like the Dyson.

We owned a big house with almost entire hardwood floors and when we were selling, had to vacuum multiple times per day due to our shedding dog. If we had owned the Shark…I would have ended up crying on a daily basis. The Shark is horrible on hardwood floors, the stuff it cant even suck up is incredible. Has to be the worst vacuum for hardwoods Ive ever owned. I have mostly carpet now but still miss my Dyson terribly.

I never had an issue with hardwood floors. You are turning off the brush- right?

Per the features:

Includes a premium pet power brush, extendable flexible crevice tool for versatile cleaning throughout the home

That’s funny, I also possess an extendable flexible crevice tool- however the flexibility can vary based on the circumstance.


I have a similar Rotator Lift-Off model and an old Navigator. Add me to the list of people that are very happy with these. They have both been excellent.

Dang! Wish I didn’t have one so I could BUY one! I did a lot of research a couple of years ago and decided that this was the vacuum to get, but Woot wasn’t offering one. I finally found the best deal I could get over on the Mother Ship, but this price is awesome. I am constantly amazed at how much it sucks. I have mostly hard surface floors with area rugs, and I can use my old vacuum, then follow up with the Shark and it STILL fills up!

Hmmm.MIL is in need of a new vacuum. I think I’ll get one for her. Just to good to pass up.

What an awesome idea. Two Thumbs Up.