Shark Pocket Ultra Steam Blaster for Hard Surfaces

Does anyone know if I can use this to remove my horrible wallpaper in my house?

Anyone familiar with using one of these on hardwood? I see it says it can be used, but wondering about long-term damage to the wood from the moisture.

The cord to plug it in is missing in the picture. Why oh why?

I own one of these. While it has worked well for me, my mom and sister each owned one that died without warning. They just quit making steam, if I remember correctly. Anyway, for my light usage, it has worked well. They probably used their’s more than me, but I seriously doubt to the point that any problems should have occurred. This looks like a good deal for someone that occasionally needs a decent steam cleaner, but I wouldn’t expect it to last forever.

Heres a manual

I would think so, if you perforate it first, steam it with the flat attachment, and then peal/scrape it.

Can I use this instead of my iron for my work shirts? What will happen if I use it on cold glass?

Obligatory Amazon ratings/reviews:

Seems everyone is quite positive about it!


Not much of a deal. I bought one of these refurbished from Heartland America a few months ago for $29.99.

Haha, when I first read that I thought it said “Stark”!

Amazon = $88.88 refurbed.

3.4 out of 5 stars - 94 reviews - a lot of people are really happy with the thing.

It should work if your walls are properly sized underneath the wallpaper. If not, you could damage the wallboard. On the other hand if the walls are not sized the wallboard will probably be damaged anyway.

Here’s a review at mysteamcleaners.

and Google Products

Got one a few months ago and love it! Works wonders on our laminate and hardwood floors.

Want a tip? Use distilled water, It will heat up faster and will leave your floors cleaner not to mention extend the life of the unit.


Click on the main picture to view it in all it’s glory.

OK. Sort Amazon reviews by “Newest First” order and then read it. lol

Anyone have any experience with this on faux wood (ie PVC) blinds?

If my Mom were taking over the comments for the day she’d say “What the fuck is Woot!”

I used one like it and it got the wallpaper off so so so much easier then just scraping it down.