Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base or RV750

Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base or RV750

I have the RV750 and it works well. Easy to schedule with the app and I get notifications if it gets stuck anywhere (which is usually a result of my own negligence like leaving towels on the floor for the dog after a rainstorm). It picks up an amazing amount of debris and best of all, easy to clean. It doesn’t do room mapping or any of the other fancy stuff the more expensive units do, but it’s random pattern over time really does an impressive job. Our kitchen and family room never looked cleaner.

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My wife is a fanatic about her vacuuming, extremely particular.
I now own two shark “dumb” robot vacs. They wander aimlessly until they get stuck and it’s usually a game to locate where they’re gotten hung up.
But even my fussy wife admitted that these vacs do a very good job overall! Evidenced by full dust bins when they run after her vacuuming.
Here for the auto empty upgrade… and a smarter navigation system!

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The new gen self emptying robot vacuums are on a new level this generation. If you’re really interested in purchasing this vacuum, I highly suggest looking at the competition first. ← Does amazing videos with super useful benchmarking on almost all popular vacuums.

Best Auto Empty Robot Vacuum So Far - Roomba i3+ i7+ vs S9+ vs Shark IQ vs Deebot T8 AIVI vs Neabot - YouTube ← video he did a few months ago on best auto-emptying robot so far the shark IQ shows up.

This woot version is the RV100AE which is the last gen version of the vacuum that does well in this test. The tested version was the $450 version (RV101AE) Shark Robot Vacuum 2019 Lineup Compared - R101AE vs R100 vs R87 vs R85 vs R72 vs R76 vs R75 - YouTube ← Comparison of them and a breakdown of how their model #s work since they have like 2-4 model numbers for the same products.


I got the RV720 (remote, no wifi) refurb from woot a few weeks ago. I’m happy with it. I have tile, carpets, and some thick rugs and it handles all of them well. Its also fairly quiet, which is a nice plus.

The downside is that its dumb as a bag of apples. It gets stuck in weird places and bumps in to things a lot. But given enough time, the random pattern seems to get just about everywhere clean. If you are on the fence, get the RV750. Its really hard to beat for the price.

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@stv6669 the woot listing says it is UR1000SR (same as RV1000S, QR1000SB, QR1000SG, QR1000SW, RV1100SRCA, UR1000SR) which is current gen and same as RV1000S. User manual from Shark’s website also shows UR1000SR as having the new floor sensor. UR1000SR is also the model that Costco currently carries in store. Where do you see that it is a last gen RV100AE?

RV100AE / UR1000SR are the same thing. They have 2-4+ model numbers for the same units depending on who is selling it at the time.

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Just in case some wooters are searching for reviews the next time this comes up.
This was my third shark robot vac and this one blows the “dumb” versions away.
I was disappointed when I finally got it running and it quit and went back to it’s base after half an hour…it returned home to empty itself then went back to the spot it left off and started vacuuming again! This vac also finds the base 90% of the time where the dumb vacs only find their way back about 10% of outings!
this is a great robot vac. my wife is down to vacuuming once a week or even longer.


I got the self empty robot, and it kicks butt! We have a lonnngg hair dog, and this is the first one of these things that actually doesn’t need the brushes to be hand detangled! Very happy.


I bought this one and it had some issues. Bumper constantly stuck when it didn’t bump anything at all, running backwards constantly, weird stuff. So I contact support and they tell me they need to replace it and my warranty covers it. That’s cool, I’m happy…. Then they say I need to pay for shipping though and it’s $28. That sucks.
I paid it, hopefully the replacement is a good one.

Customer service told me I would need to use parts from my existing unit to outfit the replacement. I didn’t need to at all! They sent an entirely new unit out, even an upgraded model. I’m pleased as punch.

By far the worst purchase I’ve made at Woot so far. The robot cannot figure out how to dock without human intervention. It took me a while to figure out how to do that without the robot deciding it was done for the day. (If i pick it up and dock it it decides it must have finished). The robot keeps getting stuck by obstacles like walls that won’t move out of its way. Or in the middle of an empty space. It takes more of my time to get it going than it would take me to vacuum the house. When it does work it does a good job but it has never finished its job without getting stuck. It docked itself at first but now it cannot dock if I don’t help it. Very frustrating. How do I give this thing negative stars?