Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base

Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base

Which model Is the actual Shark robot vacuum? It only mentions the base.

Is this Shark factory refurbished or refurbished by some third party?
Does it have a new battery?

That’s the model for the complete unit: UR1000SR

It’s 3rd party refurbished. The battery is checked and replaced if needed.

Anyone have experience with these from past woots? How’s the refurbishment? I.E. Are the brushes in good condition?

I bought this model a couple of months ago, and mine came in the original shark box and looked brand new- including the brushes. It works great ( I turn it loose almost every day after work for about 1.5 hrs) and does a good job mapping out the house. Once in a while the app glitches when I try to send it back to the dock, so I just hit the dock button on the vacuum and it returns to its base very quickly. It does a good job edge cleaning and I’m super happy with it. I have hard floors and 2 dogs, and it is one of the best purchases I’ve made this year.

I got this a few months ago from woot. It was packed properly and had it not been for a sticker, I would have thought it was brand new.

I had it upstairs and every single day it would get stuck at the stairs. It felt like it was simply blind. After 3 weeks, I called Shark and the lady kept telling me (1) the robot cannot be used on the stairs - which is too dumb but perhaps some people had called about it, and (2) to use magnetic strips. For 15 minutes, I told her that the robot has sensors that have to recognize stairs and she kept on repeating the 2 points. Finally, I asked to speak to someone else. The next person I spoke to didn’t take more than 30 seconds of listening to tell me that he had already shipped me a replacement.

The replacement was just the robot shell and they didn’t ask for the broken one back. I had to remove the battery and brushes from the old one and place them into the new one which took about a minute.

The robot itself has great suction but since it is LiDAR-based, it works by just bumping into things. It doesn’t learn much from the map that it makes either and that is perhaps because the map is awful; the map doesn’t look like any version of the area. I haven’t used any other non-LiDAR based robot vacuum so maybe they all suck at mapping. However, for the suction that I get from this, nothing else matters!