Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Hand Vacuum, 3 Colors

Does the wand extend so I’m not breaking my back to vacuum something on the floor?

Only as far as you see in some of the photos. This is more for furniture, cars, etc.

Hi, this is the (Hand Held) version that is intended for use above floor on furniture or to clean your car. It does not include the floor motorized brushroll head and no extension wand. It also has a 15 foot cord, Not the 30 foot cord on the full stick vac model. Hope this helps.

Sorry, WOOT! You’re about 2 weeks late. I bought this very unit on “Meh” back then for $36.00.

Do you like it?

Do the attachments store in or on the unit itself? Like the hose: does it coil around something on the vacuum, or does it need to be stored separately?

Is this rechargeable or is there a cord? Looking for a rechargeable one to take and clean the boat.

There’s a cord.