Shark Rocket Ion Ultra-Light (S+D)

Shark Rocket Ion Ultra-Light (S+D)

Can you please list the accessories that come with this vacuum?

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also interested in attachments ? any update?

Hi there. We’ve updated the specs with the attachments.

Duster Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

Does anyone know if the motorized brush head can be turned off? I have tile and hardwood and I would be afraid to scratch them with a brush that always turns. I can’t find anything in the specs or the amazon reviews on it.

Hi there. Found the manual on this page.

Page 10 shows a carpet/floor setting button.

Received this in the mail a couple of days ago and it shipped without the central extension tube (Part C) so either it’s supposed to be a hand vac or I need a replacement. In any case it didn’t match the photos posted here as shipped. The part is available on the Shark website for $20, so it’s easy enough to get a replacement as long as I get a partial refund to cover it. (Look, nobody wants to deal with large item returns in the middle of COVID.)

It would also be helpful if Woot stopped dicking around about which email I used to make the order (I had updated my email after receiving the item) and actually starts dealing with a partial refund. I’ve been a happy Woot customer for years, but this is ridiculous.

Hi there, sorry about the missing part!

We do require that you email from the email address on your woot! account for security reasons. Make sure that email address is current.

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Thanks. I went ahead and got it . I really like it a lot and the brush spins slow on floor setting. Don’t think it will be an issue on tile or laminate. Works great on those and my area rugs.

Mine looked like new and I got all the parts thankfully.
Great little everyday cleaner.