Shark Rocket Ultra-Light UV450 (S+D)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light UV450 (S+D)

Bought one of these last time! awesome vac! People still will complain that it “won’t stand up” well duh! thats where the motor is… You can easily detach the motor part and leave the carpet attachment and tube “standing up” while you empty the vac…if standing up by itself is a must for your vacuums…


Love this. Works better than my big vacuum. Doesn’t stand on its own, but has a wall attachment you can hang it on to keep from falling over. Very happy with my purchase.


I’ve got one of these and haven’t used my bigger Shark vacuum lift off type since I got this one. It’s lightweight but has better suction than my old Rocket 350 model. The attachments that come with it are very useful. For this price it’s a steal! Highly recommended!!


I bought one a couple of months ago and it never worked! Multiple attempts made to contact someone from Woot but no reply! BEWARE of such a great deal or you can be like me and have a useless vacuum! Guess it can always be used for a clothes hanger!

Hi there. Woot CS is very good about answering contacts. I’ll ask them to look into your case.

Note that their responses will go to the email address on your Woot! account so make sure that’s up-to-date.


Hi there again. Checked in with CS and they’ve answered all your contacts. Please try emailing from a different email and see if that works.

Though “moderate level of wear & tear including scratches” is a mild description, the refurbished vacuum seems to work. I bought the vacuum for carpet stairs and, for that purpose, it works and no complaint here except only one, not two, microfiber pad is included. I still prefer the lift-away better.

So I just got this on Saturday, took it out of the box and ran it for a minute. Everything seemed to work properly. Well today was the first time I’ve gotten to really use it. The vent at the back is getting really hot and its surging kinda. It’s hard to explain. I’ve only used it maybe 10 minutes and most of that was vacuuming around the window so it was pretty light duty work. Did I get a dud maybe? How do I contact woot? I looked on my order and did not see anything. I’m on the app. Do I need to dig my laptop out and use their website to get ahold of them?

Hi there! Sorry to hear about the troubles. To contact customer service, from a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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I got one to use in the nursery/children’s rooms. It doesn’t stand with the motor head connected to the wand, but if you take the motor off, there’s a bracket on the back that attaches to the floor end of the wand and it can be stored standing with the carpet attachment.

I have tried contacting them several times over the last couple of months regarding the vacuum I purchased that does not work! Still have not received a response!!!

Attempted to contact Woot multiple times regarding my vacuum that did not work when I received it and still no response!!!

Hi there. They’ve received and replied to all your emails including the 2nd email address you used. You might check spam/junk emails.

Regardless, you were refunded on 11/2/2020.

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The hinge on the dust bin cracked already. Do I contact woot or someone else for the warranty under the 90 day warranty.

Hi there. Sorry about that. If it’s within 30 days, you can contact Woot for a return/refund. If you’d like to see about getting a replacement or part, go through the warranty.

Warranty: 90-Day Limited Warranty

I got one of these while back. It’s a great vacuum! Plenty of powerful suction, very lightweight and the included suction heads allow cleaning just about anything. I’m quite happy with it.