Shark Rocket Ultralight Vac, HV300

Shark Rocket Ultralight Vac, HV300

masterful job not showing the cord.


Is this Plug in or Cordless.
If Corded, where is the cord, and how long is it?
Where does it go when you are not using it?

The Woot description says it’s corded (so, plug in). So I assume it’s the same as this one over at Walmart, where you can see the cord still in the image. Still, seems like a good deal based off that Walmart price, even if factory reconditioned.

Yeah, seems sleazy to hide the cord. I actually bought one of these from Woot in haste three years ago, thinking it was cordless. I’m usually a spec hound, but I was lax that day. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled with it. It’s the most impressive (and, dare I say, fun) vacuum I’ve ever owned. The amount of gunk it grabs is astounding, and it’s a pleasure to use.

I expect the cord to break at the point where it loops awkwardly out of the upper assembly any day now, but I’m sure I can repair that. The little guy is worth it. I’m tempted to buy a second one to save some stair hiking in our split-level, but I need the exercise with three feet of snow outside.

tl;dr - If you’re on the fence, get one.

Hi there. Manufacturers seem to feel that cords are unsightly and often hide them from the photos.

This is a corded vac. On the Shark site, it says the HV300 has a 27ft cord.

Here’s a pic with the cord


Bought reconditioned Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum HV301 that came with:

In the box:

  • (1) Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum, HV301
  • (1) Hard Floor Hero Attachment
  • (1) Dusting Brush
  • (1) 5’’ Crevice Tool
  • (1) Upholstery Tools
  • (1) Wall Mount
  • (1) Storage Rack

for $69.99 the end of January 2019. I’m happy w/ it, although my wife isn’t (doesn’t like the top-heavy design).

Here’s the certified refurb on walmart. This is no deal.

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