Shark Rocket (Your Choice)

We’ve had the Shark Rocket for 6 months. It sucks. Oh, in a good way. Nice, light vacuum. I’ll probably buy one today for our coffee shop.

EDIT: Got one!

Do the colors represent diff versions, or just colors available ?

For example I saw a Purple , new improved unit, while the orange is the standard base unit.



I just purchased one of these used really cheap (We think the old user thought it was junk because they never cleaned the bar or filters… their loss)
So far, I love it. It’s light weight, quiet, and cleans really well.
It is kinda strange using a top heavy vacuum, and if you hold it wrong it blows air at your arm. But compared to the cleaning power of this vacuum, it’s worth those odd quarks.

+Good suction
+light weight
+quiet (my pet rabbit isn’t scared of it and actually fell asleep the first time I cleaned the house with it.)
+can be hung on the wall for storage
+swivel head makes it easy to maneuver
+Washable filters
+Does well on carpet and tile

-top heavy, cannot stand by itself (but leans against a wall well)
-exhaust vent is right next to your arm
-tricky to turn on and off with one hand. (hint: use your thumb)

All in all, I really like it and will be getting rid of the big floor vac I previously used.

Own and love! Great if you have pets (2 small dogs), it works great! Very pleased with the purchase over 5 months ago!

Very light
Lean against the wall as the other said.
Very powerful

Can’t think of 1 con!

Just thought I would add my two cents and say that I, too, would also like to know the answer to this question.

Buyer says the colors are simply color options, in this case. :slight_smile:

What attachments does this come with? Specifically wondering if hardwood attachment is included?

The hardwood floor attachment is not included.

I have one of these from a previous Woot and love it. Super light, super flexible, better suction than my ~$90 Bissel upright, and the powered brush head is awesome - pulls the thing right across the floor on its own if you let it.

Question for this offer: Are these the newer model with the removable dirt cup? My only gripe with the one I have is the fixed dirt cup. The bottom flips open to dump it, but because you can’t separate it from the motor it’s not as convenient to empty/clean as I’d like. The pictures all look like the HV300, but I can’t tell for sure. Model number(s) would be great if possible.


The Title says Shark HV300REF, i’m assuming that means its the HV300? not sure, clarification would be great though!

D’oh! You’re right…I was looking in the specs, didn’t even think to check the title. That’ll mean that these all have the permanently attached dirt cup, so I’m going to pass. These are still a good buy if anyone’s been thinking about replacing their crappy upright!

You can get one in purple over at amazon for $119.00…Brand new!!!

Vendor confirms the dirt cup is (still) not removable.

Really cool vacuum, great suction. I thought it was load, like when doing the stairs and the exhaust is blowing at your head, its loud. But you can take out the extension, and just have the head and the vacuum, and it works great on steps, nice and light. And take off the head, stick on a wand, and its the most bad a$$ handheld vacuum. Cord is reasonably long.

Agree with all the pros above, and the cons, only to add that I think this is loud. I use it with ear plugs.