Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional (Your Choice)

Hopefully these will go back down to $99. We use these vacuums at all our stores. They are work horses.

Bought one last round. I don’t find the swivel function particularly helpful vs the navigator which turns fine without the swivel.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the lift away function because it only leaves the tiny roller section on the floor.

Still, great vacuum.

Just wanted to confirm, does this not come with any accessories?

Mine came with attachments.

Per the vendor: The vacuum includes: dusting brush, pet power brush, crevice tool.


Thank you. Was looking at the “In the Box” section, which now lists the accessories. I could be losing my mind but I don’t believe that was there before.

We changed it just to mess with you!

I gave up on a Dyson cannister vacuum that I grew to dread using. I bought it on Woot a few years ago. Too difficult to drag around and several places where it clogged. I purchase this Shark vacuum on Woot a few months ago. I like it much better than the Dyson. Clogging is not an issue. It picks up much more, judging from what I see in the canister. It is easier to move around and to empty. Great vacuum. No regrets so far.