Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum, UV795

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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum, UV7965
Price: $189.99
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Condition: New


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“What… No Lazers?”

I have a similar model of Shark and I love it. You couldn’t give me…one million dollars for it, Dr. Evil.

We bought an older version (Shark NV552) here over a year ago and just love it. It sucks very well. And the lift away is great for doing the stairs.

I have an adorable dog who sheds like it’s her job. We have two area rugs that are like Velcro and her fur sticks to them like crazy! Do you know how this handles pet hair? I need a vacuum that can handle pet hair. A lot of it.

Why does the Email offer indicate the model # is UV7965, but the website shows UV795??

Typo! It’s the UV795. We’ll fix the titles in just a bit.

The (refurbished) Dyson UP15 is the same price on woot’s vacuum and floor care page. Which one is the better product?

I purchased the NV750 earlier this year, and it has been awesome. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is in need of a vacuum cleaner that can go over both High Pile and Low Pile carpeting, and even over hardwood floors.

I purchased a similar Shark vacuum from Woot maybe a year and a half ago…it’s been a great machine.

how does it work in corners, under kitchen cabinet lips etc?

Strong suction makes it work well. Also,it lays flat and you can use the canister separately.
I bought mine at Costco for less $.

I have the cheaper model (red) that cost about half this on Woot. I don’t know about this model, but my repairman told me he had done many repairs on the little shark and that the problems with them are 1) there is a brush roller switch that has a propensity to fail, 2) parts are not available from the company, 3) the only fix is to disable the switch. My Shark had to be repaired in less than a year for this problem ($40). Again, this version may be fine, but it seems to me this company is NOT good about supporting their product – no parts? Come on!

Is the brush head power driven or air driven? I have the Dyson that is air driven and it is useless garbage.