Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum

I bought this a couple months ago from Woot at $10 higher. It seems to be a great vacuum - really gets up the stuff. It is heavier than I expected - I have a light older Shark, which is why I got this one. The swivel is great and it seems to work well - just a bit heavy.

Is the brush height adjustable for carpet, wood, etc?

I got this exact vacuum from Woot a while back. LOVED it for the entire month it worked. Now turns on, no suction at all. Nothing plugging it, bought new filters and still no suction. I bought another shark vacuum because I absolutely love them but probably wouldn’t do another referb. No warranty unless you buy one. Add the price of the vacuum and the warranty together you might as well buy a new one that comes with a warranty.

This comes with a 90-day Woot warranty. Make sure you contact us if you are still in warranty.

Found the manual on this page on the “Manuals” tab.

Page 9 talks about height adjustments.

I purchased this vacuum several months ago, at (if I am recalling correctly) $10 more than it is being offered today. This has worked well for me. It plugged up once, but that was because I was picking up pieces that were too big (dog, chewer, pieces of stuff). The beater bar got stuff wrapped in it. But again, that was me picking up things I probably should have not picked up with the vacuum. I clean up the beater bar every so often. No problems getting it unclogged. I donated my difficult to use Dyson to my workplace (clogged a lot, suction just so so). This vacuum is also easy to empty.

You picked up your dog with your vacuum cleaner? Poor doggy!