Shark Steam Mop or Deluxe Pro Hand Vac

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Shark Steam Mop or Deluxe Pro Hand Vac
Price: $49.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Sep 18 to Thursday, Sep 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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We bought the pocket mop. The ones we got were junk.

The first one puked out within 10 uses and we returned it under warranty. They sent the same unit back and it puked out within 90 seconds of turning it on. We had to pay to ship it back. We finally got a different one. Every little hair clogs the nozzle and the steam builds up but never comes out of the head. The hole is too tiny to blow out so we have to take the entire bottom part apart to clean it out. First pass, it clogs again.

Total waste of money.

For $10 more (if you are a Prime member) including shipping, you can get a new purple Steam Mop from Amazon.

It gets excellent reviews, however, so I am tempted to get a new one…

Thank you for posting info about purple mop @ Amazon. That sounds like the way to go!

Is there a reason why they’ve photoshopped the cord off the mop? Seems like a way to get people to assume these are cordless. Sketchy at best.

Interesting, even in the stores, they do not mention that ths is not a cordless unit. We have three Shark units, and they are all great, but they do try to pull the wool overy the buyers eyes and do change (stop having made) models quickly, which makes me worried about repairs. However, given the cost of most vac repairs, I guess the cost of new Shark is less than those repairs.

Used this Steam Mop twice so far. It has worked fine. I bought it because the handle broke on the previous one, don’t let the handle drop and hit the floor. This was was cheaper than purchasing a replacement handle.

Used the Pro Hand Vac many times. I like it. Seems to do a decent job in the car and spot vacuuming. Worked good on the ceiling fans. It would be nice if the hose was a foot or 2 longer so I don’t have to hold it.