Shark Steam Pocket Mop

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Because clean pockets are a must !

Fluffier, girlier version of the Swiffer sweeper except it works a tad better (and steams)

…but who mops their pockets?

I don’t always mop my pockets - but when I do, I use the Shark Steam Pocket Mop.

Wow. $79 on Amazon.

stay steamy, my friend.

A pretty good review of the “As Seen On TV” Steam Pocket Mop is at

There is a pretty good warning to people who have Pergo Laminate Floors about using this mop on those floors.

Anyone with any sense of self-respect and decency should order the lavender. Only the most villainous of cads would be so crude as to pocket mop in white after Labor Day.

A reconditioned mop? Are you serious? C’mon, Woot! Bundle these with your next bag of carrots, if you even remember what those used to be.

More reviews are at

They have the reviews broken down to Positive and Negative reviews. Seems to be more positive than negative.

I love my pocket mop as much as the next guy, but vegans would surely object at the use of shark steam in their design. Poorly thought out if you ask me.

The manufacturer’s website has tons of self-product promotion…

We (and by we, I mean my parents) own an automotive repair so we are always looking for something to keep the floors clean. We bought one of these a while ago, and it works great! It steams off the oily/stuck-on grime.

We had a part of the shop that was disgusting. Barely could see the pattern of the linoleum. I used a buffer which got off 70% of the stuff on the floor, and this took off the rest (it was really gross, so this was surprisingly good)

If we didn’t already have on, then I would get one!

When I first looked on The Big A it was $79.99; now it appears to be a “Deluxe” version at $89.99. Order three now, here… and steam, steam, steam.

got one of these for $39 on black friday, and it blows the swiffer wetjet away. The disposable pads of the swiffer get completely soiled very quickly, but the pads with the shark are reusable and you can even use a towel or rag instead of the pads… the steam put out by this thing is anything BUT “girlier”!

I don’t get it… how is this supposed to work on a carpet?

In for one; I saw these at Costco yesterday, wanted one, but passed it up because they were $85.

My mom tends to drop food while she’s cooking and can’t bend over to clean it up, so I’m hoping this will save me from spending so much time in the kitchen on my knees with a scrub brush like a '30s housewife.