Sharp 2.1CH Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub

on the waiting list…then denied. Oh, so close…

**Item: **Sharp 2.1CH Soundbar w/ Wireless Sub
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I’m new to Woot! and have a few questions? What is the Bandolier of Carrots? Is it just the Bag O’ Crap? If so, how does the Bag O’ Crap work??? Thanks guys!

How do you even get the freakin button. I’ve yet to see a not sold out page.

Carrots not included, but it is a nifty looking ammunition belt. For use with long orange tubular vegetables only.

Did jthebird1977 just win two BOC in a row, or is the site just completely broken?

i did, but i expect the second to be cancelled. i’ve never gotten more than one and i expected them to cancel it and not give it to me. unfortunately someone else missed out because of my competitiveness…sorry