Sharp 23” Widescreen HD-Ready LCD TV



I’m trying to fill in for Yankee. Don’t be mad if i screw up. Thanks. Love y’all.

Shopzilla Link$669.99 lowest price.

Froogle Link… $670 lowest price.

Yahoo Shopping…$669.99 lowest price.

BizRate LInk…$670 lowest price.

Nextag Link…$670 lowest price… same as everyone.

Amazon Reviews……none… go ahead and be the first.

Couldn’t find the manufacturer page. Sorry. I suck. Also, I put SHOpzilla’s listing first, where Yankee usually puts froogle first, because Shopzilla is the best of comparison sites and froogle is all bunk and lame. I’ve said this before. I hope my useful links are useful enough to not get shunned. Thanks guys.


Sweet looking 80’s rockers not included.


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And in case anyone needs it for any reason, here’s the manual in PDF format:


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Sharp 23” Widescreen HD-Ready LCD TV
$599.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Sharp 23” Widescreen HD-Ready LCD TV/Monitor - LD23SH1U


While Yankees368 takes the night off, here are some of his nightly links:

Froogle Link Lowest price = $699.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Lowest price = $670

Shopzilla Link Lowest price = $669.99


Looks like some others are filling in for Yankee tonight :wink: Here’s my contribution…

Great price and great shipping from Woot tonight!
Compare the Woot deal which is listed at $649.00 Lowest (Woot still beats it) + shipping

PriceGrabber$669 + shipping lowest like most others.


Hmmm a Sharp TV- this is a good price, but HD ready always bothers me. This can’t possibly do true HD (1080) for 600 bucks.


Dealtime Link

Froogle Link

Amazon Link

Shopzilla Link

Manufacturer’s Operation Manual Link

looks like woot wins, cheaper than anywhere else. and its not a refurb either. i couldn’t find any on eBay.


Nice, too bad it’s out of my price range.


Seems like a great price!


Not a bad price, but no thanks.


I’ll stick with my 30" hd crt, haha, even though this is prolly 150 lbs. lighter…


“Until hi-def / Blue Ray DVDs are become the rule”



Only 23 inches? I didnt know they made TV’s that small still.


too bad i just bought two 17" lcd off of newegg for like $280 which is wider then a 23 inch ne how… gnight woot.


HD ready means, there is no HDTV Tuner , that means it only has Component in and not Digital Cable in


why would someone pay 600$ for a 23 inch computer monitor? interesting woot, and a vast improvement over the last 2 nights.


I don’t NEED a 23 inch tv, get me the 45 inch or bigger tv


Ouch! I just bought a 32" LCD HDTV for only ~$100 (after rebate) more last week from TigerDirect. No bargain here, unfortunately.