Sharp 3.1CH Sound Bar Surround System



Very good reviews over at amazon.


Runs for about $245 at Amazon, $235 shipped from the cheapest place on the net. Put the positive reviews with it and this looks like a good deal for $175 shipped.


This system looks good and doesn’t compromise sound quality in the process, which makes it ideal for a new flat screen that you want to look nice and sleek by avoiding a bulky entertainment center.


Can someone tell me what that second, not-a-subwoofer box is? Is it the amp? I have a soundbar system already but it only has the bar and sub.


Man. If this was bluetooth - I would be ALL over it.


Very interesting - at 1st I was thinking ho hum, just another speaker bar, but…

  1. 3 x HDMI connectors? Very handy if you are short of connectors on your TV and don’t want a separate multiplier box.
  2. AM/FM tuner + remote.
  3. I don’t normally connect Sharp with sound quality but if the reviews are good…

Combine the above and you’ve solved some problems, improved the sound vs your crappy internal TV speakers, and eliminated the need to mess with a full blown Receiver.

If you like, plug a Smart (wifi Internet connected) DVD player into this and you’re good to go.

(BTW, RE the three pieces, I’m guessing one of the big boxes is the sub woofer and the other is the amp/electronics.)


Sharp HT-SB600 3.1-Channel Sound Bar Surround System - Price Comparisons

Today’s Woot = $169.99 + $5 Shipping (Total $174.99)
Today’s Woot offer is $67.39 less than lowest price with shipping found below.

Amzon = $221.19 + $21.19 Shipping (Total $242.38) = $226.99 + Ships Free (Total $226.99)

Dell = $249.99 + $25.99 Shipping (Total $275.98)

Above prices and suppliers found using a random google search. Your own independent search may find other suppliers with differing and/or lower pricing.


It’s the receiver. I’m not an expert on sound systems, but it seems like this “sound bar” is just a long speaker, not an all-in-one receiver/speaker like many systems are nowadays (yours included).


Thanks so much for providing this, reviews look great overall, and this appeared to originally sell for $400+, I have purchased this as a result (and it looks like I can completely hide this sub behind the dresser on which my tv sits) - Woot!


Thinking of getting this for my living-room projector setup. Budget, apartment living, and the possibility of moving soon have made me hesitant to pick up a full 5.1 system, but I think this looks like a pretty great solution.

I had a question, though. Can the receiver here “pass through” video to the projector? For example, I run HDMI from my Xbox and a laptop (the two main video sources) to this unit, and then an HDMI from the unit to the projector - will the audio and video both work that way?


yes it just repeats the hdmi signal. not sure if there’s any lag but the reviews appear to be good so I don’t think there’d be any lag.


Is there any way to connect it to an iPod as well as my tv?


Yes. It has a 3.5mm input (typical headphone jack)


Anyone know if the receiver/amp can be used on it’s side such that it will fit in an entertainment center slot? Seems silly to have to stand it up… but I don’t want an overheating problem since the directions say to have 4" of clearance on all sides…


You are correct. I own this model, and the soundbar is really a few speakers - but solidly built. The base units are the subwoofer and the receiver/tuner.


I have this unit laying on its side and there aren’t any issues. There are no vents on the side or bottom of the unit, so I don’t see why it would need 4" on the sides.

There is a single exhaust fan on the back to keep the unit cool - so as long as you’d have air flow from front to back, I imagine it would be fine.


Looks to me like the base and main unit are made out of presswood and that spells chips and vibration noises down the road.


I think I read a review that said the amp/receiver had to be turned on for pass-through to work. So keep that in mind.

Also, just a general heads-up: if you are planning on connecting your Xbox 360 to this thing, be aware that older Xbox 360 models do NOT have an HDMI port.


i bought this and the sound drops then it builds up slowly. this happens once every hour has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution i’ve hooked it up every possible way and im still getting the same problem. help me please!