Sharp 32” 720p LCD HDTV

Sell-Off Checker HERE

So are these good buys?

sharp again?


I win!

i could use a few of these

he’s mad because i poked his eye with my Sharp

This is my favorite picture yet!

yeah a sharp lcd… i’ve been waiting for one

this is silly - why the same one?

Smaller and smaller. Wonder what the last size will be?

In case you missed it:

Click here for a link to Woot’s LeakFrog blog/description.

The regular WOOT is a better deal than these babies…

Great an LCD TV - I’ve been waiting for this.

BAH This one is so much sexier than the last one which I foolishly bought. ARGH! Whatever, better safe and sorry than just plain sorry. haha


just going down in size, next size will be 27" probably

Nothing in the box AGAIN?

by my estimations, there are like 30 of this one, hopefully i’m wrong