Sharp 32” 720p LCD HDTV

more tvs???


very sharp

Refurbished :frowning:



Very sharp.

i sware woot is trying to make me go to bed

zomg noooo!

Another TV? zzzzzzz
Hope there’s only a few…


TV??? We need MOAR computer stuffs, not household items!


Still waiting for that bag of C R A P…

if only they were selling a gutter cleaner

how long have all of you been in here and refreshing your pages???

gettin tired hope this one goes fast how many more?

I think I’m going to go, but I always want to stay for the next one.

aww man the tvs suck, I dont want tvs.

Now you can Watch the Mel Brooks movie in HD over and over and still not see the Spanish Inquisiton bit in it every time!

I don’t know everything, but I never claim to KNOW something I don’t. Or something.

since10pm Pst

720p? ,… REALLY… RREEEHHEEELLYY?? arrggghh not cool Woot! not cool