Sharp 37” 720p LCD HDTV

DAMN - They’ll never sell-off this one. Should be priced 449.00


Commence nap time, this is going to take forever.

This’ll be up til after lunch. Bring on the 52". (That’s what she said).

The Aquas was alot better, DNW

You missed the larger TVs. Read TVs are being sold in size order, larger to smaller.

Im calling them selling a TV with a BOC this selloff…

Alas for you, the TVs will be decreasing in size all day, so it will only be 37" or smaller from here on out.

RTFPs, noobs. This sell-off is ALL LCD TVs, and they are selling them in order of largest to smallest.

Its only going smaller. Sorry. :frowning:

So, can someone allay my fears of these TVs being refurbished? Are they still going to be worth the money and safe to buy?

Btw, this is a Sell-Off, not a Woot-off. It will be TVs all day.

Ewwww $700 for a 37in, with 1 hdmi input and only 800:1 contrast ratio (in English, not very good difference between your grays and blacks). Even the brightness isn’t that good… no thanks, regular Woot is a MUCH better deal than this…

Shit! Another TV. Is that all they’re having today??
(That’s a joke. Unlike others on here, I know it’s all TV’s. I read.)

come on woot hook it up, 42" 1080p.

Also anyone know what the clips are they have in the TV’s? They seem to be from the same movie.

there wont be any 42" now… not today… its gone pal… its only gonna get smaller…

TV size is decreasing
you missed the big ones
no other products today

Morning Jaden!

i has not enoughs monies for these fancy tv’s!!!

Double you tee eff??? More items please…