Sharp 4K UHD LED 70" Smart TV



Does anybody have anything to say about this one? I’ve been looking for a good 4K deal.


The normal model number for this is one character off. This exact model is sold at Sam’s Club and a list price of $2000, but on sale at “too low to show.” I couldn’t get in to put that in the basket to see the price.

You can find this at for $1619. Free delivery. No taxes except in one state.

Who’s going to drop $1600 on a piece of complicated technology with only a 90 day warranty. Read the Amazon reviews. Very poor. Every manufacturer makes lemons that do not show up until after 90 days. Virtually all mainstream HDTV manufacturers have at least a three-year panel warranty and 1-3 years on the remainder of the electronics – most with home service.

A four year extended warranty on Amazon is $140. A one year extended warranty here on w00t is $250. Seriously w00t?

So I don’t see how this could be considered a deal.