Sharp 70" 4K Ultra HD TV

Amazon reviews:

I’d love to upgrade to 4K but this is A BIG PASS.

No support for 3D, what am I supposed to do with 100+ 3D movies, toss 'em in the trash?

Thanks for nothin’ Sharp.

Now, ask me how I really feel…

Watch them in non-3D mode, of course. I haven’t seen any recent movie where 3D added to the movie experience.

I’ve actually never heard of someone owning more than one or two 3D movies. Interesting.

Uh, what’s a 3D movie?

I would be TERRIFIED to have something like this shipped, and then have a problem with it.

90-day Woot limited warranty? What – ship it back?

My $.02
I bought a Sharp TV. It was beautiful. 70" of awesomeness. And then, after a year, it started developing white spots on the lower left corner of the screen. And then the white dots grew in size and numbers until they covered the whole left side of the screen. They are still growing and spreading. It’s like TV Chicken Pox.
Sharp left me stranded. They assigned a case number and then offered to sell me a refurbished TV of the same model in exchange for my chicken pox TV. I didn’t want another chicken pox TV! And, they didn’t currently have any refurbished chicken pox TVs but they wanted to collect my credit card number over the phone to charge me now for a chicken pox TV later. They won’t budge on this plan. Now I’m in limbo waiting for Sharp to make good…I don’t think they care nearly as much as I do about this problem.
Conclusion: I will not buy another Sharp TV.
The end.