Sharp & ViewSonic Projectors

Do any of these have HDMI input? Why the hell would any company these days make a projector WITHOUT HDMI?

The specs lists the input and output connectors.

Is DLP any good compared to LCD or LED?

You’re asking “Are apples any good compared to oranges and bicycles?”

LED is a light source. It is usually somewhat weak, but uses less power and makes less heat, so you get a quieter projector that has to be in a darker room.

Kind of moot, though, since these are all incandescent lamp projectors. Lamps are brighter, and hotter, but they burn out and can be quite expensive to replace when they do. (At these prices, I’d consider throwing away the projector once the lamp goes.)

DLP and LCD are two ways of modulating the light coming from the lamp. DLP is more efficient, but can sometimes have an annoying rainbow effect. LCD is the older technology, and it works well, but it filters out quite a bit more light, so LCDs aren’t generally as bright.

You might have noticed that these particular projectors weren’t made ‘these days’. They were made in ‘those days’… and their lack of HDMI is why they’re cheap. Personally, I’m bummed that they also have no component plugs, either. It looks like some of them will accept component signals, but you’d need the right cable to do that… which doesn’t appear to be included. So, basically, the only way you’re going to get a great picture out of these is from a PC.

Is there any point in getting an XGA projector if you are using it for something other than Powerpoint presentations? Are they worth watching movies on?

Save your money for something that’s at least 720p/800p. The low resolution would definitely be noticeable with anything lower unless you’re very far away.