Sharp AQUOS 37” 1080p LCD HDTV

Possibly a two day woot off?

nice tv

Argh! Woot Killer?

Great TV. I bought one new about 5 months ago from Newegg.

I paid $1049 for “new” and another $129 for a 4-year warranty extension.

nice tv, $729.99

next…no more tv’s (or vacuums) useless usb stuff preferred

How many sd cards did they have?? 10!?!?!?

I bought one of these new a year ago. TOTALLY worth it.

sweet, but too much


I wonder if they’ll have any refurbished AQUOS TVs in the bags of crap that they send out

oooohhhh…stocking stuffers!

How long has the woot off been going?

A teenager runs into his grandma’s room and asks, “Grandma, have you seen a little bottle of pills labeled ‘LSD’?” The grandma looks at him and yells, “F*ck the bottle of pills! Have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?!!!”

not another tv

OMG WANT, but my limit right now is $500 for a TV woot… Got one like that hiding anywhere?

Of course, in my awesomeness, I missed the earlier ones. Silly work.

i love this tv, I HAVE ONE ALREADY

Nice tv but it is pointless to have 1080p in that small of a screen

my thoughts exactly.

i love this tv, I HAVE ONE ALREADY