Sharp AQUOS 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

discussing this…

Fastest 50% ever.

even before the bots, damn

still too pricey… bring on the lolcats

Is this a Sell-Off or an LCD-off?

i hope the next item isnt a tv as well


I love my sharp

I have a 32" kinda like this one.

can i set my alarm to go off when we get to the 2 inch watch tv?

wth? another TV?

Let me guess. those are Return products from Costco from their Feb’s Super bowl TV sales. (costco have 6 months return policy) so everyone purchased back in Feb for super bowl now returned theirs. … and that’s how they got it on woot?

Wait for 6 more months and you may get Refurbs from the Olympic purchases. lol…

According to the main woot - this entire Sell-Off is TVs - getting smaller as the day goes on

heck where is the 60" TV?

already got this in a 52"

they keep getting smaller. let’s see how small we can go.

I love mine too.
I am watching one right now.

nah, i’ll edit this one.

Cowboy fairies give me nightmares.

But so do bad TVs. This does look nice but respiff scares me.

no hay banda

looks like there may be 1/2 doz. of these