Sharp AQUOS Black 37” 720p LCD HDTV


Sell-off checker here

Just die already

Sharp AQUOS LC37D44U-R Black 37” 720p LCD HDTV

$699.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference


very interesting


I am spoiled by the Woot tracker auto refresh website… this is annoying. It is costing me about 3 extra seconds to stop what I am doing, switch to the tab that has sellout.woot pulled up then hit refresh… it adds up! I hit refresh about once a minute so… THATS 4320 SECONDS OF MY TIME I WILL WASTE TODAY!!

Can someone work on getting that sellout.woot off tracker?


THat’s not good!!! I think they got 20-ish

oh man you are the man

16 by my estimate…

We are in Sharp 37" 720p LCD $700 HELL!!

and how much time did you waste calculating that?

How can the same woot intersect itself? I MUST BE A THE NEXUS OF THE UNIVERSE?

How many TVs do you guys have?! NO MORE.

if you are using Firefox there is a VERY handy add on for refreshing web pages at any interval you want.

The screen shot is from Blade Runner, right?

in for 3 lol

I can’t find the model number on any real review site or even on the sharp site. Maybe it’s wrong?
(I’ve got a small cabinet that would perfectly fit a 37")

this is like april fools deja-vu