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Take a look at the Product Manual
Here is the product page for the IG-A10UW, not sure what the difference of the UW is

Here is the product page for the IG-CL15UW

Really not that much info out there on this :frowning: , the only thing I found was the first model on sale on the Sharp website for 149.99. I wish I could find some reviews because my allergies could use this.

The replacement ion generators are IZ-CA10U and IZ-CCL15U, not 1Z… That first character is the letter “i.”

… and they’re priced around $100 and $60 respectively.

The UW is white and the UR is red.

Looks like a good deal as they were offered for much more over at groupon and amazon

Do these units produce Ozone?

Small bit of background reading if one is curious how well ion and ozone air purifiers work (even in their small recommended areas)

Carbon (HEGA) and/or HEPA filters are the best options depending on your needs , but you’ll trade noise for function (unless you put the fan/filter in another room).

That said, ozone generators will definitely kill smells, but they tend to generate a bit of ozone oddly enough :wink:

that’s what I thought, aren’t these types passe, popular many years ago when nobody cared about ozone destroying your lungs?

But seriously, I was told on my last plasma unit that they should not produce ozone:

I see nothing about filters/replacement filters. Are these the type that have the washable or cleanable filters? The cost of filters adds up. On Sharp’s website some units have filters, but these do not mention them at all. Thanks.

I looked again and I found the answer. No replacement filters. I think I am in. The replacement filters for the other Sharp models are crazy expensive.

In the Operation Manual:

No replacement filter, but (single) replacement generator every 2 years and some odd months. I’m probably hopping on for one, hmm

These units produce ozone at levels considered “safe”, under 50ppb, by CARB.

That said, Consumer Reports found that these, like all pure ion generator type air cleaners, were generally ineffective. Ozone is capable of killing bacteria, but only at levels well above 80ppb which are considered toxic to humans.

Consumer Reports, the federal government, and CARB all agree that the best air purifiers are those that use HEPA filters.

So basically, these would be effective if you need a haz-mat suit in order to enter the room?
WooHOO! Now I won’t have to keep checking Woot for hazmat suits!

It’s unclear if it is the same model, but, for what it’s worth: “So the verdict is still the same: the best air cleaner/smoke eater we’ve ever tested.”

wow, I thought my luck was really bad when I saw this Woot. my allergies have been out of control for the past two weeks, so just a couple of days ago I bought an air purifier. and now this?

luckily for me, I don’t have to feel buyer’s remorse because these models of Sharp’s air purifiers only feature the “Plasmacluster” ionization, but don’t have HEPA filters. as a few others have pointed out, you need HEPA filtration to really help if you’re suffering from allergies / asthma / etc.

one other factor you should consider is the CADR (clean air delivery rate) of the units. this tells you how big of a room the purifier will support. in my cursory look at the product pages I didn’t see this listed. but the idea is that if the unit you buy doesn’t have a high enough CADR rating for the square footage of the room, it’s basically using electricity without really cleaning the air.

I did a fair amount of research before buying my air purifier. the single best resource was - the guy who runs that site provides a lot of clear and unbiased information. so if you’re looking for a more heavy-duty air purifier and think these ones don’t cut it, check out that site first.

the models offered here were not reviewed on - since they don’t have HEPA filters on them.

I have two PlasmaCluster KC-850U units (not the ones on sale here) and I must say they are awesome. Carbon pre-filter and true HEPA filter. Also has a filtered humidifying feature. Love those things… Paid $300 a piece, but they’re great. Speaking from a build quality from sharp, the KC-850U units are suburb. I don’t know if they follow suit with these models, but it’s great.

I have had Sharp plasmacluster air purifiers in my house for the past 10 years. They make the air smell very clean, and I dont mean an ozone smell.

Please don’t lump these air ionizers with all other air ionizers that other companies sell. All the other air ionizers you see sold only produce negative ions which by themselves do pretty much nothing. These are unique in their function. They are extremely popular in Japan and Korea and are even used in hospitals to reduce disease transmission.

In these 2 models, they mainly purify the air by releasing ions.

Unlike all other air ionizers, sharp has a patent on their plasmacluster type air purifiers. Their air purifiers produce negative and positive ions. These ions then do two things. First they accumulate on dust/pollen/virus’s etc in the air, making them heavy and causing them to fall to the ground thereby removing them from the air. (They can then be removed via vacuuming.)

The other way these ions work which is unique to plasmacluster, is that they can disable and destroy virus’s, bacteria, and pollen.

Also if left on for a while in a room, it will eventually remove all odours from surfaces and fabrics as well as bacteria on surfaces.

The only thing that needs to be replaced in this unit is the ion generator. It will last 2 years if left on 24/7/365.

The small prefilter this unit has should be vacuumed every month or so. These air purifiers do emit ozone, but it is way below the max allowed for home use.