Sharp Portable AC

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Sharp Portable AC
$219.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Does this include the adapter for a sliding door?

Power hog!

Here is the Operation Manual

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No, only a window adapter is included.

I hope the people who purchase this see how much this sucker weighs (88 lbs). If you’re moving this I hope you don’t need to drag it up a few sets of stairs.

It is a nice unit though and not having to dump a tray of water every so often is a nice bonus.

Great in the event of power failure, you can still run off strong generator.

It does come with wheels you know…

Not practicle, think more in terms of how your clothes dryer vents to the outside. That is how these things work.

Okay so my cousin has jealousy window sin her house & it’s awful in this heat - this wouldn’t work with type would it??? I can’t see how it would, but I am not always sure if I am the most solid when it comes to understanding these things…lol

Woot price is really good, but reviews on Amazon are a bit spotty.

Is there any way to tell from the stats on this how big an area it can cool?

Looks like another heat wave is coming.

“Bucketless Design - No water tank to empty. The built-in condensate disposal system sends the water out of the exhaust hose”

I got excited when I read this feature, however, from the reviews on Amazon and inside the manual itself, this feature does not seem to be there. Anyone have any insight?

[MOD: Sharp site says it does. The reviews are for a 3rd party retailer. It’s possible they’re commenting on a different model.]

this AC unit needs an exhaust to outside. Seeing that this “portable” unit is more or less tethered to a window, why not just install a window unit instead? Window AC is far more efficient than a “portable” unit.

I have owned one of these for about a year. Or at least a Sharp that looks exactly the same. I have found that up in my L shaped living room it really cools the couch I tend to nap on and keep it cool.Mine is also a Whisper model, so I have found it is 2/3 less nosy than my older model.

Would have to move without it. I paid $398 at Costco. But Sharp has proven to be a great brand!

I have an identical unit in my bedroom right now…I purchased it at a home improvement store last year (for about $120 more).

I live in Northern California, and it was 102-107 every day this week.

This unit is an absolute life saver for me and my wife. Our house does not have air conditioning (just a swamp cooler). Sleeping in the bedroom was horrible. This portable AC is amazing…turn it on, and within 10 minutes, the temp in the room drops from the 90’s to the mid 60’s (on max cool).

Link didn’t work for me.

“Special Information: A physical street address and phone number are required for delivery. Due to the size of this item, USPS will not be able to deliver thes”

Going to finish that statement woot?

My piano has wheels, didn’t make it any easier carrying it up stairs.