Sharp Portable AC

Here’s a direct link to the PDF from their website:

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Does these 1 hose unit work? All I can see is that it sucks the cooled air from the room and dump it outside the window.

Great deal and great warranty for refurb. I put it up on twitter, its that good in my opinion.

Does this pull too much power to be used with an extension cord?

Bought one of these a few years ago for nearly twice the price b/c our home office was just not cooling between the desktops and other devices my spouse and I have in it. Because the office was facing a street, we did not want a window unit. It was a life saver. We were able to keep the screen on the window, so it was hardly noticeable. On a side note, it is also is compatible with harmony remotes.

That’s where “portable” comes in. Moving a window unit is not fun. They’re usually heavy units and you’re trying not to drop it out the window while taking it out or putting it in. Basically, once you’ve put it in the window, it’s there for the summer. With a portable unit, you can roll it around to whatever room you temporarily need cooling in and easily run the hose to any available window.

FYI. The link supplied causes a PDF to download. It doesn’t re-direct to a website. If you have heavy security levels set, might not open. Also may need PDF reader.

these are awesome for camping, if your campground has electrical hookups. A similar unit was very much appreciated when I was camping in central Ohio july 3-8…

I’ll second this. I have the sharp 10k btu unit and love it. Works great and cold my 12x12 office or 15x18 bedroom. rolls easy, even on carpet. Window vent is cake to install, and switches easily between windows of the same height or width.

I recommend sharp ac units with no hesitation.

There are some types of windows that will not accommodate a window AC unit – for example, casement windows that open with a crank.

Also, there are some apartment and condominium complexes that do not allow window units. I happen to live in one.

Arg, I’m in Az and my central a/c just went out. Wish I could afford this.

It should cool up to about 500 square feet.

I had a portable air conditioner for my room. My energy Bill went up 80 dollars a month and I was running it ~4-5 hours a day.

How much do you think this will cost to run a month? let’s go for 5 hours a day 7 days a week.

Great price, in for one!

Question is, will it ship before the one I ordered on Woot!plus July 3rd.

Only one hose is needed as the heat is piped out of the room. All air conditioners work on the same principal. The gas expands into the cooling side and a fan blows room air over the cooling coils. The gas picks up the heat and is discharged in this case out the window as the fan blows over the heat side coils. The compressor sends it back to the cooling side to start all over again.

This only has one exhaust hose, which I’ve read makes for a less efficient unit when I last purchased a portable AC. A quick web search claims that:
“The mere existence of the second hose makes a dual exhaust unit cool a room quickly, almost three times faster. These are generally a better buy than single exhaust units, and you can expect to pay more for a better performance.”

We have a similar version from Costco. We are on our 3rd one. The first had an AWFUL vibration from the compressor. You could hear it throughout the entire house. Returned.

The second one had this buzzing sound every 5 seconds or so. Sharp said it was the ion plasmacluster thingy doing it’s job. Kept us up all night. Returned.

The third is quiet, but doesn’t seem to cool that well. Still have it, but thinking about returning (thank god for Costco).

So, buyer beware with these units. If you get one that’s perfect, buy a lottery ticket cause you’re lucky!

Good price though. We paid $389 + tax. Ouch. Tempted to buy this and return the Costco one…

But the manual clearly talks about how to drain it when it gets full. See page EN-26 of the PDF manual. Drain out water within the unit in the following cases.
• When the unit stops operating and the TIMER, AIR CON and MAXIMUM lamps are
blinking, the water tank is full and need to be drained.
• When the unit is not used for a long time

If I put this in the bedroom upstairs, draining it will be very difficult for me.

This is the only thing that concerns me and is stopping me from purchasing it.


Now that woot is in Amazon’s datacenters, they are getting rid of all their portable AC units they had to turn on for wootoff BOCs??

Given what a pain the single hose is to handle, I can’t imagine trying to route two hoses. Also, I almost never see the dual-hose ones offered - in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dual hose unit in person at the few big-box stores I’ve looked in when shopping for an air conditioner.

Still if the hoses were easy enough to handle I’d be game to try…