Sharp Portable AC

These will sell well in the mid-west right now.

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Sharp Portable AC
$219.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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We’ll see CO spiking up on the map here.

Does this portable AC have Digital Zoom?


I have owned a very similar sharp model for several years and love it. Works great, easy to move between rooms, installation is a snap. Great price, I paid double this for mine.

Buy with confidence.

You had me at “plasmacluster ions”

I just got one of these from Woot. Works great. Quiet as I would expect it to be. There is no hose provided for the dehumidifier mode. In A/C mode, it does NOT need a discharge hose, the moist hot air is evacuated through the exhaust hose. It’s heavy, has wheels, but it’s heavy. Hard to move from room to room, but it is possible. The adapter for the discharge only fits windows of a certain size, smaller windows and sliding glass doors won’t work, unless you build an adapter yourself.

Who bought one in Michigan… It’s an AC.

+1 lol

At 22.8 inches high I think this is the smallest portable AC unit I have seen besides a window mounted AC unit.

I am actually in the market for a portable AC unit. But after reading the reviews on Amazon I will pass. There as many 1 star reviews as 5 star reviews. It’s a shame because this unit new on Amazon is $550.

i got one in the last woot off. seems well built and works well, though i only installed it last night. Above someone mentioned that it only fits certian size windows. I remember because i put it in last night that it was good on windows lafger than 21 inches, but like the above said, it seems like you could jerry rig it pretty easy for nearly any size. easy set up but heavy as hell. Mine went in the attick, and I had to take it up myself, which was possible but difficult. ask a friend for help.

Geesh another refurb? Woot, you need to change your name to I would never chance buying something someone returned.

But if you are releasing both positive and negative ions at the same time, don’ they just negate each other? Obviously, I am not physicist, so I am guessing.

Probably someone who was unprepared for the high-mid 90s and low 100s this past month.

These are selling like hotcakes.

Air conditioned hotcakes.

Will this work with a Mac?


Mid-90s and low 100s? Where I come from they call that “fall.”