Sharp Portable Air Conditioner

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Why is it more expensive? You sold it in the past for $219

Anyone have this portable air conditioner?

Way to cool down baby!

It’s too early to be thinking AC units though, it’s already chilly enough over night!

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lots of decent reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at

I have it. It’s huge, it’s heavy, it doesn’t work quickly, and don’t ever lose the remote!

Other than that, we love it. Although it takes awhile to cool a room, it definitely beats roasting and does a much better job than the 3-4 fans we used to use.

Thanks. About how cold can you get a room down to?

The best we ever did was down to 65 from 82 I believe. But it took like 6 hours for our large living area (living room/dining/kitchen/hallway). In a bedroom, it could probably get much colder in a shorter amount of time. I didn’t have my temp gauge in the bedroom when I used it there, but I had to turn the unit off sometime during the night because it actually got too cold in my room.

I find this very tempting. We have an older wall unit air conditioner in our bedroom which is just adequate if we start it before it gets to warm out. This unit very well might be perfect. Anyone know what the largest room it will effectively cool?

To this day, I still don’t understand single-hose air conditioners.

With a dual-hose air conditioner, it draws outside air in (through a hose) to transfer the heat to and blow back outside (through another hose). This way, it works much like a conventional air conditioner, keeping the hot and cold parts totally separate.

But with a single-hose unit like this, the a/c draws in cool room air to transfer the exhaust heat to, which then gets blown outside (through the hose). The same air the unit just spent a bunch of energy cooling gets heated and blown back outside. This means warm outside air has to work its way in someplace else to replace it, making the whole endeavor terribly inefficient.

But, dual-hose air conditioners cost twice as much as single-hose units. Can they really be that much more expensive to design and build? Or is it all a big con to sell tons of cheap inefficient air conditioners, and drive up the price of the ones that actually work well?

I don’t get it.

83 degrees in Seattle today, unheard of for this early in the year, I’m tempted!

Don’t buy these. They generate so much heat, and the exhaust hose ends up being a giant radiator. Sure, you exhaust out the window, but so much heat escapes into your house before it gets there. I had one as close to the window as humanly possible to minimize the amount of heat these generate, and it STILL didn’t cool our small living room. It still uses a window, but is worse and more expensive than a window unit. Don’t waste your money.

I’m considering this for my basement, which doesn’t get crazy hot given its mostly underground location. But I am in Tennessee, and a/c is still occasionally needed to keep it comfortable down there. As it is a basement, a dehumidifier is a must. I love the idea of combining the two units into one. What I’m wondering is, can it do both functions at once? Or does it either cool or dehumidify? And since there is no holding tank, does the moisture removed just drip out the window and down the side of my house?

These portable air conditioners are a mixed bag.

On one hand they are better than nothing and I have used them to cool an office in a machine shop down and it worked better than fans by far… The room (10x10) would cool down in about 30 minutes and be tolerable on hot days when it was 85+ in the shop.

The office also had a window and when the portable unit died out we switch to a window unit and it was much quicker to cool and was much more power efficient than the larger portable unit.

The long story short is that it’s good when you need occasional air conditioning if you live in an area with a handful of really hot days and want to wheel it out to cool down. Otherwise you probably want to invest in a window unit for better efficiency which means more cooling per watt.

We have 2 of these at our weekend place in the desert, One bedroom doesn’t get cool with the house a/c.
Love, love, love, these units. They work great. One downside though, The vents are suicidal, Try very hard to adjust them once and remember to never touch them again. You have been warned, You don’t want their death on your hands-Do you?

I have this A/C. It seems to work quite well and is pretty quiet. I have a similiar LG unit that just broke after only 3 years. This one is still working fine. Hope it lasts.

That’s not quite how it works. The unit has two fans and two air circulation zones.
Fan 1: The first fan takes room air, passes over the evaporator and then recirculates it back into the room.
Fan 2: The exhaust hose takes air from the room, blows it over the compressor and condenser, and exhausts that hot air. As air is exhausted from your house, it creates negative pressure, so it is drawing in more warm air from the outside through the various cracks in your house.

This is not as efficient as a window unit, which uses outside air to cool the compressor and condenser, which means air is not getting sucked in to your house.

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If you are able to use a window unit instead, do so. These portable units should be your absolute last resort. I also highly recommend going to your local Home Depot and buying a box of insulated tubing that matches the diameter of the hose included with the a/c and using it instead. Otherwise that hose becomes a heater, and really slows down the process.