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**Item: **Sharp Portable Air Conditioner
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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5/6/2013 - $249.99 - 54 comment(s)

Does anyone know how long the exhaust hose is?

yup! its about 5 feet long when fully extended, maybe a little longer. However, because of the way it attatches to the unit you lose about a foot of length.

I have two of these things, both from Woot. They do the job of cooling a bedroom or office, but probably not a larger space. They are a single hose unit which is less ideal than the dual-hose types (of which I have one). They are notorious for their weak casters, which many people have noted in past reviews. One of mine has a wonky caster, which just makes it more difficult to move, but does not impede performance. On humid days you will need to empty the reservoir which is super low to the ground and can be a real PITA. Overall, it works as advertised for a decent price, but if you’re willing to spend more for convenience I’d shop around.


Duct Length: 59"

Thanks Limejuice84—Purchased!

Lots of additional info over at

Lots of good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at

I bought one of these recently from here, it works very well.

If you read all the reviews online, they are pretty underwhelming, but they were written about a unit that, to the authors of the reviews, cost $500+

It’s not nearly worth that, but for less than half the price? It’s fantastic! Much better and more convenient than the comparably priced window unit I replaced with it (cooling a converted attic room that is otherwise always too warm in the summer).

Many reviews mention draining it, and I have not had to yet, despite near constant rainy (thus humid) weather here, but it also has not been warm enough to run the unit at max power yet either. It does look inconvenient to drain if it does need it though.

Also, it is very heavy and not quite as portable as it seems it would be, it does require fixing the hose to a plate that fits in a window and screws to the window frame. Much easier than a window unit, but still not something you can drag with you from room to room easily.

I like it, and if you need something like this it’s a good deal at this price.

Holy Cow! It weighs 88 lbs!

Does anyone know what the thermostat range is on this? And does it have an always on setting that keeps the AC on no matter the temperature?

Does anyone know what size windows the window unit fits?

I bought this last time and have made 3 calls to Sharp, its pretty much useless cooling. AC is 65 degrees. My friend has a similar unit, not sharp, and air is 40 degrees coming out. Also had a broken caster when it came. It weights 87 lbs and had to get a friend to take it upstairs for me, and now they want me to haul it to a service center 20 miles because its portable!! I will be making a complaint to WOOT and my credit card if they do not come here and fix it. NOT HAPPY!

Wellp, this is one of those moments of serendipity; last time I waffled about it all day thinking, “Nah, I’ll never need that in Seattle,” and then it got pretty hot, and just today I was thinking, “I should buy an air conditioner. I hope they post that one again on Woot.”

so what I’m saying is: YOU’RE WELCOME

It is $29.6 cheaper on eBay (if you factor in the eBay Bucks rebate) and from an established seller.

I see that it’s cheaper and with a 90 day warranty. Does anyone know what the one year warranty from Woot is about. I want to punch but curious about the woot warranty

I have the hose bracket mounted in a window that is 36" high and slides sideways. I put AC silver tape on it, some rubber stuff to seal it up and a piece of PCV pipe to keep the window from opening any more. It is about 6" wide. I is in Dallas and cools my bedroom at nite (wife complaines it is cold but it is not really)I monitor the room temp and it stays around 75. I set main AC temp to 84 so it does not run at nite and this has been quite the money saver. I did put it on 2x4 blocks to make it easier to drain. I like it, got it from WOOT last year

I have a huge sliding window so I looked into this in the product manual under “Sliding Sash Window Installation”. The plastic window piece requires a minimum window height of 21.3" and a maximum height of 70.9" when using the included extension.

70.9" is enormous so I feel safe that it will work in my sliding window without being able to measure it from work. I think I’m pulling the trigger on this unit due to the low price, reputable brand, and feature-filled remote.